The Northern Village--part 3---The Leafdropper  

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8/29/2006 6:04 am
The Northern Village--part 3---The Leafdropper

News of the Leafdropper's return had reached the Northern village. The resemblance of his woman to the long lost princess was spoken about.

A inquiry was made to his village regarding his two year old son's mother. A message was taken back that they would visit their village.

When they entered the northern village, the amazement on the faces of the tribesmen was evident. He spoke of the princess that was taken many years previous and told them she was across the big ocean and had lost hope of returning but she thought of them often.

The princess ,who had been taken, parents saw the Leafdropper's woman and heard news of their daughter. They demanded return of this family member and her child.

The Leafdropper told them to prepare a wedding feast and with their permission he would wed their granddaughter.

Now the Leafdropper's woman had been taught the african dialect and customs by her mother and could easily converse with her grandparents.
She was in submission to their decisions.

They did a purification ceremony for their granddaughter and extended blessings on the upcoming wedding feast.

This village was known for their"glass stones"
which were highly prized but their european value unknown.

As part of her dowry instead of cattle or any other commodity, just "glass stones" were requested. The chief and tribesman thought that odd but happily obliged the Leafdropper's request and more than quadrupled the amount of diamonds usually given for a princess's dowry.

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