Steel Magnolias and Tender Tigers  

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7/21/2006 6:47 am

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Steel Magnolias and Tender Tigers

We all know these people male and female whose strength and fortitude are immeasureable.

Anyone who has taken an unpopular stand. Stood to right a wrong.

There presently are many single fathers raising their children /the custodial parent. Kudoos to them, for we women who have single-parented know it is not an easy task.

We have present day Helens of Troy, Madame Curies,Paul Reveres,Patrick Henrys.

Sometimes we have to reach a place in our lives where that inkling of the Steel Magnolia/Tender Tiger emerges. It could have been joblessness,homelessness, end of a relationship good or bad, a grave illness anything that made us reprioritize our lives.

Our lives are not like automobiles, we don't depreciate with age, but become a valued commodity from usage.

Steel Magnolias and Tender Tigers don't get worn/torn.

Steel Magnolias/Tender Tigers evolve and each passing moment are tokens of humanity.

Now Mzhuny's on vacation, soooo I can ask you.

Have you had your Steel Magnolia/Tender Tiger moment?

Do you know a Steel Magnolia/Tender Tiger, and if so how has your life been affected by knowing them?

Don't worry, be Happy

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7/21/2006 8:51 am

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Don't worry, be Happy

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