Why are guys so mean.  

freakysamantha 38F
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7/21/2005 8:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why are guys so mean.

Today I was told things that are truely hateful.I suppose they think it is okay to speak to people that way.Fine by me.We are all on here for different reasons.Me I want to meet people just like me.But if I have no interest in them I do not want them to be mad.And to say hateful things. Why is it yall guys feel it is okay to use hateful words if a women reject you.

OKsoSTARTsucking 36M
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7/26/2005 10:36 am

guys are just assholes, some hide it better than others.

rm_letsfuck740 53M

7/26/2005 10:44 am

well sam like the first guy said not all guys are that way and some are like me and have very delicate feelings and cry when told no ,,,plus i hate to say it but i am usally the good freind and a great listener and never ever get laid but for some reaxson it seems i get further by not being nice so what way will work best with you ? so do you want to ?

PhatCatnHornDawg 50M/57F

7/26/2005 2:49 pm

From my experience on this site, and others like it, the guys who end up saying hateful things when they get turned down are just making up for inadequacies in other parts of their lives. Unfortunately, there are quite a few men here (and women as well) who think that this site is their sexual playground, and they can have anything or anyone that they want. When they don't actually get their way, they throw a tantrum. In this case that tantrum typically involves using derogatory words to put someone else down in order to make themselves feel better. It's just their mindset that makes them act this way, and unfortunately there's not much you can do about it. If they haven't figured out by now that this site is heavily biased in favor of the women, then they probably have no chance of meeting up with anyone for any reason other than a good ass kicking.

rm_letsfuck740 53M

7/27/2005 8:21 am

well sam last nigth yu kept saying you wanted a beer but a town is 70 miles away and i have no lap top and yu had alot of people talking to you which is alwys the case in chat 1 women to 12 gu7ys but i got a 6 of long neck lights that i was willing to bring you just cdid not kno0w where

Shining1Armour 56M

7/29/2005 4:47 pm

Nice guys may not finish last, but they do not make the top. The reason is simple. A truly good, nice person is not capable of making the types of decisions necessary that drive success as it is measured in our society. Cream rises to the top? Ever notice the layer of scum floating on top of the cream? Very apropos.

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