Men are from mars, women are from venus...  

freakyrican00 35F
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3/9/2005 7:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Men are from mars, women are from venus...

once again I have acknowledged that men really dont get women and for the life of me I dont get men. I know I wouldnt be alone in saying that reguardless of how bluntly and explicitly that some bi/les women have asked that no men/ couples reply to their ad (looking for women only!!!!!) the emails keep flooding these guys not understand when their not wanted or what. Its the cult of masculinity I tell ya. I sometimes try to imagin the lies that they keep telling themselves that keep them going in this way.
' Once I hit her off with some of this good stuff she'll be straight as hell'- thinking that you can change her with your magical wond...
' pussy is pussy reguardless of what she says shes looking for'- for this men dont even acknowledge women, their wants or their needs-women are truley invisable. They seem to think that any women who doesnt want dick is just confused and women cannot be trusted to make these kind of very important decisions for themselves. Her very essance can easily be overuled by what men want her to want...
' Can I watch...???'- obviously the only reason lesbianism was created was for the purpose of mens entertainment- The answer is fucking no you cannot watch!- Do I go around asking you if I can watch you suck some other guy off? (This comment isnt directed to any one who really is into to that- whatever floats your boat)

Point being that people on this site should respect the wishes of other and stop the insanity of unwanted emails- thank god for filters and email blockers. If these women really wanted a dick Im sure they wouldnt have any trouble finding one or better yet they wouldnt even bother with the bull shit and just take a trip to the nearest sex store. Some men need to deflat some of the air out of their head and stop dreaming that they rule the world just because they have a penis...
On the flip side I want to add the what Ive said does not apply to all guys- I want to thank the ones who dont harass women who they know they wouldnt be compatable with in the first place. I have gotten a few emails from men who have commented on my status but are respectful enough to to acknowledge me and my decisions and not push the subject. Also if you are a female looking to fulfill your mans fantasy by being with another women- I ask you to question and truely consider what you want or as I say do it for your own reasons or dont do it at all...

ExcitedSenses 38M

3/9/2005 9:43 pm

Well best of luck to you. Men will always try to do what they think is impossible. That's the great thing about mankind, sometimes. That said, the next time a man (like me) has a fantasy about getting together with a woman (like you), just send a polite "No, thanks, I'm a lesbian". Maybe put it in your automatic reply message. I'm sure you'll find what you want soon enough and won't need this site anymore. You're right there's not many straight women here comparatively to lesbians/bi, because they probably have no trouble if they really want it that bad. So I guess the lack of availability makes some guys stupid too. Anyway that's all I have to say for now. Try not to get angry or bitter about it, it's just the crazy world of online sex.

rm_1teeniebutt 35F

3/11/2005 11:19 am

read your post, and although it appears we are slightly different in our wants, we recieve the same lack of respect for our wishes from the men, sorry hun, we will just have to put up with it I guess

Adoniss7 45M

4/25/2005 3:39 am

Profound thoughts and interesting comments. Apparently written from a position of fustration, however done with respect, in general, for those that have taken the time to do the same for you. I would just like to suggest, maybe the problem is not so much with "men", their attitudes toward emailing you, or with woman for that matter. Maybe the problem has more to do with ignorance. Men are agressive by nature, and as with anything, life skills are learned when taught, or gained by experiences survived.

In all fairness, there is no school that I know of, openly teaching little boys etiquette for approaching, or establishing relationships with woman. You alluded to "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus", which is a book we'd all hope, both men and women would both read to understand the other. However, in your comment, you've chosen to convict the genders majority, with words for the minority that have responded respectfully, all without taking into consideration, the 'why'. With all said, in this discussion and many more to come through the years, maybe, just maybe, you might focus in on the attitude of being and understanding educator/teacher, as opposed to being the fustrated critic. Just one man's opinion.

By the way, thank-you for your blog.

(Juan S)
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6/2/2005 12:00 am

I agree with Adonis. There are men, not boys, that will respect another persons decisions, choices, etc. without being over bearing. There are also those that may have only gotten to your picture, noticed that you are very hot and went from there. That is their mistake, try not to take it out on all men. Some have ulterior motives, like finding a friend to take to parties where a couple is looking to swing and want a bi-sexual female involved in the equation. Meaning no harm, I do think you are very hot, but after reading what you're into I would not try to "change you". If I knew you, I might try to work an angle , but I'd respect you either way. None the less, adults...who actually read what you have to say...will respect you. Take care. Have fun.

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