Got The Digits  

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7/10/2005 4:25 pm

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Got The Digits

Last night I was bored out of my mind so I decided to hit the quarter for a walk. I didn't expect to meet anyone, I just wanted to see what was out there and feast my eyes with some sexiness. Well, I walked up in a club called Utopia and checked it out for a minute. I made eye contact with a cutie who was selling shots. She grabbed my hand and told me whats up and I responded back. I did the usual, what's your name, you're a cutie, etc kind of thing. I figured she was just trying to hustle me a shot cuz those girls are trained to use heavy flirtation to make their sales. Surprisingly however, she didn't ask me if I wanted to buy a shot. Of course, I figured it was because I didn't give her a chance. I pretty much cut to the chase and told her I wasn't going to be hanging around for too long and asked her for her number. She gave it to me but I still figured she wasn't truly interested and that she was giving me a fake number, after all, I'd just cut her selling game short.

Although I figured she may be full of hype, I left the club a bit excited because such a
cutie had come on to me. I'm the kind that doesn't figure that that will happen to me, ya know? So I decided to call her up a little while ago, figuring I'm going to get "You have the wrong number" but it just so happens that it was her!!! We spoke for a good little while. It turns out she's MADD younger than me... 8 years to be exact. (YIKES!!!) It's cool though. We had a nice little conversation and it seems that we both have the same thing in mind: we don't want to get serious with anyone. That means we can go out, chill, have fun, etc without any emotional strings attached. That's really all I'm looking for. It doesn't mean we have to have sex cuz like I've said before, I'm tired of that shit.

Don't get me wrong, if it happens then so be it but I'm not chasing sex. I'm not looking at women for the sex they can provide me. Now I'm more balanced in that I see it as we're giving ourselves to each other. Sex is not a priviledge given to me by any woman. It has to be a mutual want. Anyway, we're supposed to be going out tonight. No matter how things go regarding this girl I just hope we have a good time together. That's all I'm looking for with anyone I hook up with.

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