Last Night was GREAT!!  

freakyhippiegirl 34F  
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7/8/2006 10:46 am

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7/9/2006 9:06 am

Last Night was GREAT!!

I had so much fun last night showing all y'all some really great sex. Thank you few that pasted saying how hot it was or how good I looked. That made the sex hotter for me. However, there were a few dumbasses that wouldn't stop posting questions. I was not going to stop the show that 600 people were watching, to look at a small dicked fucker jacking it on his web cam. And I'm really not going to look if you beg me to, pathetic motherfuckers. I had dick right here for my enjoyment, I don't want to see it on the internet. I don't see how people expect me to answer questions while I'm fucking, stupid fuckers. I really didn't like the whore and slut comments. Just because I like to have sex, doesn't make me a whore or a slut. The only man, in my mind, who would call a girl a slut or a whore, is nothing but fucking trash. I really like fucking for y'all, but I just hate the retarded motherfuckers that come with it.

mikewv1967 49M

7/8/2006 11:27 am

I hear you there, sister.

A friend of mine, a "very good friend" called me several weeks ago and told me to go to cams...she was so excited about showing off for me...

It was great, then she wanted me to go to the chat section...I really didn't care for the dumbasses that came along with that as well.

Perhaps there are guys out there that don't get out much and can't seem to handle themselves with some sense of decorem when it comes to dealing with REAL women...I don't know, but I was both irritated that they were talking that way to my "friend" and embarrassed to be a "man" at the same time.

Whatever you do, please don't let the dumbasses of the world, or in this case, our little slice of the world...keep you from doing cam shows that you obvlously enjoy doing.


7/8/2006 11:28 am

aaaaH Daymit!!! I missed the show!!! I tryed to get on but the system would not let me. It said you had stoped. Well forget those stupid mofos that need to get a life and focus on the positive. I would have loved to have seen you in action. LOL But hope to get a chance to be in the action with you!!! Hey I dont know what you and hubby are up to tonight but there is a meet and greet at the holiday Inn on airline from 7 to 10 I think. Its posted in the group discussion section for (another BR area group) I think. Well take care have fun and fuck you husbands brains out!! lucky guy

Play hard, play safe and play often!!!{=}

rm_lololorna 47F
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7/8/2006 11:31 am

freakyhippiegirl at least you tell it like it is. lol Thats so great!

I didn't see ya but you are sooo right. Sometimes I watch men on cam here and it pisses me off when they stop stroking, to either read what someone im'd or to respond, I mean DAMN! I wanna feel like a voyeur and like I'm peeping on this man, like I snuck into his room and am hiding watching him stroking.. and not watching him im, that shits boring.

Anyway, good for you for doing what you like, fuck those who don't like it, I bet men who broadcast their sex for whoever to see which barbie their banging, I bet they don't get comments like the male equivolent of slut and whore. I bet its all congrats and comments about the chick he's doing..


gmandave1964 52M

7/8/2006 1:58 pm

Sorry I missed he show. Look forward to the next one. Sucks that some guys made it a bad experience for you. But, don't give up on it because of the idiots. Just ignore them and have fun. And, you and hubby should come to the meet and greet. I plan on being there and have some friends who are coming you should meet. Have fun and let us know when the next cam show is.

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