The Video store...  

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7/7/2005 6:24 pm

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The Video store...

So, every job has a few chors, right? Well @ my store we have a cleaning log with daily things to clean. Seems pretty simple. There is a small description under the duty to let you know what to do.

Mine for 2day was: Detail clean the front. which included wipping down counter and shelves, organizing the drawers and such. Right?

So, i do all this, and my shift leader (big prick) comes up to me and sez that I have to wash the counter again because I couldn't get them clean enough with windethat's their rule) so I had to do it again. I did.


So, BP (big prick) comes back over and tells me that I have to take everything out of the shelves and clean those too. so I jump up and salute him and say,"Yes captin!" and go back to waht I was doing.

Let me explain, I'm a silly person, I make noises, funny voices, y'know, a real wierdo.

So he storms off. THe next day he calls a meeting with the manager and doesn't look 2 me once. I spoke to him every time I spoke, made eye contact. He spoke to my manager about me with me there... What a gooch mopper!

Do you have annoying co-workers? Have any cures for them? Have any ways to get back at them?

Let me know...

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