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3/22/2006 10:45 pm

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I would like to know how many women are totally turned on by mens pierced nipples as I am... OMG.. walk around wet...
We had a girls weekend in Anchorage back in Feb. We went to a Bachelors Auction and one man did a strip dance.. pierced nipples.. never mind a 6 pack ab.. this man was sporting a case...
Has all of us horny women panting and going nuts.. but damn.. he looked NOTHING like what his profile pic did..it looked like 'Tea Time at Tootsies'...
Anyways, we went to a bar the next night.. I did a nipple check on the guys there ( and I was sober...not 1 drink all night).. WAHOOOO
I swear if our town had bouncers and they looked like these 2 men.. WOW.. I would be a stool hugger... Damn.. getting hot again...
But I do have to say they were awesome sports to us ladies from Fbks and showed us their chest.. they actually took their shirts off for me..
I swear if the one guy had had pierced nipples I would have hit my knees in front of him.. hot.. nice face, eyes, chest, and a perfectly emphisized ass in a pair of Carhartts... and ladies. if you don't know what they are... working mans clothing.. you ARE missing out..
Alas, they did not have piercings.. but I did find a set... where we were in the bar was at an end table that the men had to scoot by to get to their potty...well.. they all got a 2 handed chest check as they walked by.. I had help by a new gfriend... SCORE>>>> we found a set.. and the poor guy hide in the bathroom for about 20 minutes... he did show his chest to us when he came out though.. WAHOO OMG I love a nice chest and shoulders.
I know a cpl up here who both have theirs done and the lady who did them.. she tells the guys she is going to charge extra for the moans when they get done.. I loved having mine done.. and will get them done again.. 2 seconds of the most exquist pain.. mmmmmmmmmm
I don't know.. but a perfect set of mens nipples.. needs to be pierced...lol READING this 'J'???? How about you 'into' ??
And those of you who are pierced.. I LUV YA>>>


polarcpl2share 48M/44F

3/23/2006 10:00 am

Just remembering that weekend made me hot, and OHHH DAMNNN that night. What a fookin ass in those Carharts. Damn , wish my man would do that...mmm mmm mmm . LOL....F

frbnkslady replies on 3/23/2006 1:11 pm:
OHHHHH DAMN wasn't that weekend sweeetttt... met a hollotta hotties.... T

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