how come??  

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3/27/2006 10:14 am

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3/29/2006 6:09 pm

how come??

A mother & her son were flying on Southwest Airlines from Kansas City to Chicago.

The son (who had been looking out the window) turned to his mother and asked, "If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don't big planes have baby planes?

The mother (who couldn't think of an answer) told her son to ask the stewardess.

So the boy asked the stewardess, "If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don't big planes have baby planes?"

The stewardess responded, "Did your mother tell you to ask me that?"

The little boy said, "Yes she did." "Well, then, tell your mother that there are no baby planes because Southwest always pulls out on time.

Have your mother explain that to you."


polarcpl2share 48M/44F

3/29/2006 12:43 pm

Sorry, my mind was in the gutter for that who's wouldn't be.......F

frbnkslady replies on 3/29/2006 6:10 pm:

polarcpl2share 48M/44F

3/28/2006 10:57 am

LMAOOOOO....well I guess pulling out on time is better than pulling out late and getting into a helluva lot of trouble...F

frbnkslady replies on 3/28/2006 3:35 pm:
LMAOOO.. over booked??? over sold.. extra

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3/28/2006 8:19 am


frbnkslady replies on 3/28/2006 3:35 pm:

teambear2 57M

3/27/2006 10:41 pm

That is so cute!!!!!!

frbnkslady replies on 3/28/2006 8:38 am:
... I thought so to T

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3/27/2006 7:17 pm


frbnkslady replies on 3/28/2006 8:37 am:

muscles4u2have 54M
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3/27/2006 12:41 pm

LMFAO!! Pull out on time? What does that mean?!! Is it the oposite of staying in on time?

frbnkslady replies on 3/28/2006 8:36 am:
Me, I would much rather have a delayed ride.. One that has to circle, and circle..............T

49AK 55M
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3/27/2006 12:20 pm

I'm amazed that a Southwest flight attendant even spoke to a passenger...

rm_Gentle12553 66M
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3/27/2006 12:16 pm

Actually a pretty clever answer...

frbnkslady replies on 3/28/2006 8:35 am:
I thought so to T

dankos2069 55M

3/27/2006 11:15 am

ohhh my.
Sounds like the stewardess had a bad lay, over in Kansas City.

frbnkslady replies on 3/27/2006 11:18 am:

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