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3/27/2006 11:17 pm

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I took son to the airport today...
He has , to me, gotten an adult mans job. He has only ever worked at PH since high school.
He is out in the middle of NO WHERE>>> He is I believe out West of Pruhdoe Bay. On a new construction site. I have to go to the store tomarrow and get him some phone cards and stationary. Doesn't it figure.. cellone phones don't work up there..
He has called twice tonight already...He got off his plane in Dead Horse, 2 hrs stand by delay. Arrived into his camp and was given his room assignment and that was it.. He has no idea who to get a hold of to ask about anything. Doesn't know his foremans name.. very lost..But from what I understand.. this happens quite often up there.. They are supposed to have orientation in the AM.
I told him he will be doing fine once he actually starts to work. And he is finally doing what he wants to do. He wants to be a welder like his Grandpa..
His Aunt even called her brother up, sons donor, and gave him shit..
"Your son has a MANS job....." LMAO.. point..
I am scared but I wish him well.. he will be okay.. and I will learn to let him go... T


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3/29/2006 5:37 am

Welding is freakin' fun! I like to do it first thing in the morning, and there aren't many jobs that I enjoy first thing in the morning. Now what type of welder is he? I got a friend who is going to school here this fall to become a underwater welder..I keep asking him, how do you weld in water, surely you aren't arc welding now..

Aww..I hope ya get many chances to talk to your son..funny how from when a boy goes to kindegarten the first few weeks and throws fits and cries because Mommy isn't there, to Mommy throwing fits and going shopping for phone cards when the son has his first job away from home. Life is well great like that.


frbnkslady replies on 3/29/2006 8:48 am:
Make me cry ya chit...lol He has called a few times... to pass his attitude on to me..lol he is so totally out of his comfort zone.
He took welding in HS and a cpl of semesters for a college course.
He has to do his apprenticeship for now for the Union. Will be a welder 'biotch' for a bit. He will be okay as soon as he actually starts to work.
He is doing what his Grandpa does. My dad used to be qualified for under water welding also. Was a Navy Sea Bee.
Thank you.. T

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3/28/2006 11:28 pm

He'll be ok sweetie. You raised him good.

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frbnkslady replies on 3/29/2006 8:49 am:
Thank you Lixxers... T

frbnkslady 48F
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3/28/2006 11:24 am

Thanks Thorval.. Those will be this box going up. Neither of us thought to pack an alarm clock .. T


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3/28/2006 11:06 am

The hardest thing for a mother to do is let their young fly out of the nest...and some young have a hard time flying away from their mother...at least you didn't have to kick your young from the nest. You know you have us to lean on..tears and all..you know we love ya. AND if you don't know that by now YOU BETTER!!lol

You have raised him well and he will do fine.
By the way you know there are a few that we know up there...

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3/28/2006 8:34 am

Try this again.. they denied this posting>??? T


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