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5/7/2006 1:30 am

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I was talking to my friend on the phone earlier today. The subjects of our pets came up, mainly our dogs.
He was told me a story of his Lab he had when he was younger. He had a roommate also. Anyways he had to go on a trip that was for 3 wks. His roommate offered to watch the dog.
When he came back from trip, he noticed the dog acting funny.. after a few days he took dog to the vet. Dog had been dragging its butt across the floor.
He told the vet what was going on and the vet told him she thought it sounded like anal sacs.
Well my friend thought she said "anal sex'.. HE WIGGED...' YOU THINK I AM HAVING SEX WITH MY DOG?? THATS MESSED...'
Vet is laughing... told him she said 'SACS, NOT SEX>" LMAOOOOO
He went back home, told the roommate what happened. After the roommate could talk past the laughter, he told him 'I had thought about it as I haven't been with a women for a bit. But your dog bites."
She still smirks when she sees him to this day.


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go figure

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LOL, I was crying when he was telling me this.. you could just hear the offensiveness in his voice.. T

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