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2/9/2006 10:05 pm

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Okay I have to admit total ignorance on these.... can someone please tell me what the meaning of these terms are???? Some I have heard of, some never...

1. Tahitian Facemask
2. Hot Carl
3. Sanchez
4. Felched
5. Scarfing

These are terms in questions from a card game I just bought. I need to know what they are in order to play fairly.. Can anyone help???


frbnkslady 48F
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2/19/2006 12:04 pm



nobody0special 49F

2/19/2006 3:28 am

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW......... I think that pretty much sums that up! lol I could say a few things, but I'm sure I'd offend someone somewhere so I'll just keep my mouth shut. LOL EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW is pretty sufficient. hehehe

frbnkslady 48F
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2/14/2006 10:07 pm

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW sloe.. you HAD to find it huh.... TY...T


frbnkslady 48F
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2/14/2006 8:46 am

Okay... these are from a Dictionary we also looked up on google and askjeeves. All are basically the same.. and are WAYYYYY past being perverted to down right fricken sickening....
we have yet to find the term' tihitian facemask 'anywhere...

1. Hot Carl: The act in which a woman sucks the cock of the same man who moments earlier was balls deep in her can. (Corn Hole)
2.Dirty Sanchez: The act in which while having sex doggie style, the man inserts finger into said womans ass, then proceeds to wipe dirty digit across the upper lip of said woman. Leaving a dirty 'mustache' Hence the name...
3.Felching: The act in which the man proceeds to sucks ejaculation out of the orfice that received it. Most commonly the anus.
I will continue to look for the others... T


pASSionwantd2 50M
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2/13/2006 11:31 pm

1)It's giving oral pleasure to #2 guy's,and at the same time they both blow thier wad's on you. Thus a ,Tahitian Facemask.
2)guy #1 Hot Carl
3)Carl's side-kick guy # 2 sanchez.
4)felched is another term for multiple orgasm's by 2 or more people while 5) scarfling.


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2/12/2006 7:54 pm

T - How am I suupposed to know? I'm married. I'll be checking back to find out the answers though.


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2/12/2006 5:56 pm

I have no idea...hmmmmmm

Purry {=}


frbnkslady 48F
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2/10/2006 8:22 pm

LMAO.. its called 'whos the biggest pervert'..... We always just called it 'gerbilling'.. we had to learn about it in EMT classes in NY.. EWWWWWWWW
My boss wanted to know why I even bought the game.. he told me I would only have to set the game up then raise my hand, 'I WINNNNN" T


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