Can't Talk to a Psycho....  

foxxxydiva 36F  
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2/6/2006 7:42 am

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Can't Talk to a Psycho....

The countdown

Okay, I have officially had it with this site. Its one thing that it an alcoholic senior citizen with a Viagra allergy properly functions more often than AdultFriendFinder does, I can almost deal with that. Its another when the site doesn’t function and they sell your profile or use it for advertisement by submitting your handle to various search engines. Even getting banned for posting a URL or advertising a party I could live with. The tardy posts, profile hijacks, inoperable iggy button, bot whores, even the occasional email never delivered.

What I can not take is all of the above coupled with BP (beyond Phucktards.) These lovely individuals are the ones that go 5 steps below Phucktard and won’t leave well enough alone. The individuals who are branded phucktards once they turn nasty or crude when you reject their advances and call you foul names are even tolerable. A wicked tongue lashing once or twice and they usually leave me be. Not the BP’s, they keep at it. My current BP, has literally, been damned near stalking me for the past few weeks.

About a month ago, we had our spat, and once he left chat, I let it go, let him chat in peace, but EVERYTIME he sees me in chat, he must say something defaming or derogatory. I put him on ignore and all was lovely for a while. Then the smarty pants gets a new handle and does the same thing. I try to iggy, no such luck, I even copy and pasted his handle and tried to iggy that way, no such luck. So, for the first few days, I ignored it him in chat, not responding to his commentary, thinking her would go away after a while. No such luck. The fourth day, I started getting a bit nervous and started logging all the unsolicited comments that I didn’t respond to. By the end of the evening, I had about 3 pages of copied and pasted, unsolicited negative comments he was making attempting to bait me into an exchange. Someone would approach me in chat and say they were interested, he would chime in, she’s got a dirty pussy, or she fucks everyone, or something equally mature or rude. I finally logged off.

The next day, I log into chat, same thing, so I continue my cut and paste routine, growing increasingly weireded out. Now, I have about 7 total pages of commentary w/o reaction or response from me. I finally snap, ask him to stop. Now me being me, of course I didn’t ask nicely, but like my girl says “You can’t talk to a psycho like a normal human being.” He keeps it up, so I report him to AdultFriendFinder. He gets banned for a day, but comes in again under his original handle, (which was magically paroled from my iggy list BTW,) making other threats, name calling etc. Now I am a big girl, I can take as much as I give out but this was going on two weeks of CONSTANT baiting for hours on end in hopes I would respond. Needless to say, we were involved in another exchange and I once again left chat.

This continues over the course of two more weeks, but has tapered to maybe 10 post instead of the normal 30. I report him again on Friday, he still hanging bout. Well, today, it went on for 4 hours straight. Last night he kept at it for about 3 hours and I just let it go. Today, I lost it by hour 4. Got into a horrid verbal match up, *although I must say, I was embarrassed by my competition.* The thing that really sets me off is I have sent AdultFriendFinder document proof of this behavior which, IMO is bordering on Internet Stalking and they have done nothing. My alleged “friends” in chat allow it to continue and go as far as to state that it is in fact my fault that this guy won’t leave me alone. I know what some of you are thinking 1) never spoke with the kid outside of chat; 2) never met the guy, 3.) Never slept with him; and 4.)Never even seen his face picture.

Now everything else on AdultFriendFinder I can kind of deal with. But all of those items, coupled with the caliber attitude friendfinder network has in regards to concrete concerns by a member on their safety and continually allow them to be submitted to harassment, but yet they ban people for posting a url for a sex toy, is just ridiculous.

I am tired of fighting the good fight alone and for so long. Tired of attempting to connect with members by going to and promoting meets and being repaied by a chat ban. So the countdown to the emancipation of Diva is in effect. My profile is turned off (I cant take another email from someone the complete opposite of what I am looking for, or someone who thinks that it is okay to degragrade me in email and I will swoon.) After the next meet I am helping host, My AdultFriendFinder days are over…I will still come and blog every now and again and stop by bootcamp to touch base with my peoples who were the only reason I would deal with the bullshit that this site has become. So, if you are interested in remaining in contact with me after 2/25, add me to your hotlist or reply to this message with your email addy.

suzukasbuda 34M
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2/6/2006 8:54 am

well where u from/

suzukasbuda 34M
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2/6/2006 9:08 am


sweettammy2005 43F

2/7/2006 2:52 am

what is bootcamp foxxxy

Sinderlicious 51F
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2/17/2006 8:03 pm

Ok...if it's who I think we're talking about...send me those pages please

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