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11/14/2005 8:57 am

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100 Things about Foxy

I saw this idea on the blog of a dear friend of mine. The list is not in order of importance.

1.) I don’t sleep well with doors open (i.e. bedroom, closet, etc.)
2.) I have a weakness for pretty boys
3.) I love old skool hip hop
4.) Currently a grad student
5.) My bedroom currently looks like a tornado hit it
6.) I LOVE morning sex!!!
7.) Newborns make me nervous
8.) I have a secret crush on Steve Buschemi (well, its not a secret NOW)
9.) I owned my first porn when I was 11
10.) I love musicals,
11.) I think Barbra Streisand is BRILLIANT
12.) I have been the youngest person in my rank in my field for the past 9 years
13.) I would be a band nerd if I could play an instrument well
14.) I have never known what it is like to be in love and loved back
15.) I am the eldest in my family (one sibling a sister)
16.) I have 37 cousins and only 1 is a girl
17.) I love going to the movies by myself on rainy days
18.) Nothing gets me hotter than a steamy make out session
19.) My best friends from childhood are both males
20.) I love comic books and graphic novels
21.) I have arthritis in both knees
22.) Moms LOVE me
23.) I am afraid of being a failure
24.) I am more afraid of being a fraud
25.) The only reason I work is to buy more shoes
26.) My underwear of choice are underoos or thongs
27.) The smell of puppy breath makes me giddy
28.) The smell of Cool Water cologne makes me hot
29.) I am on the constant quest for perfection, which is my fatal flaw
30.) I judge a mans character by his relationship with his mother
31.) Intolerance makes me ILL
32.) I have gotten stuck between a lap and an air bag in an unfortunate road head incident, complete with law enforcement
33.) The smell of gardenias and pine makes me sick to my stomach
34.) My great grandfather is Jewish
35.) I went to Jewish camp every summer until I was 15
36.) I was baptized Catholic
37.) My parents are Baptist (no wonder I’m fucked in the head eh?)
38.) I own 22 coats
39.) I own more than 100 pairs of shoes
40.) I own more than 200 pairs of underwear
41.) I have been kicked out of a club for using the men’s restroom
42.) Sleeping is one of my favorite past times
43.) I am a night owl
44.) Waking up is traumatic for me. Even at 2 pm, I’m pissed off if I have to wake up.
45.) I have a potty mouth
46.) My beverage of choice is Scotch
47.) I was a pot head in Junior High and no one knew about it
48.) I have a wicked temper, although it takes me a while to lose it
49.) I had two roommates who were lesbian lovers (not advisable BTW)
50.) My family moved once a year from the time I was 6 until I was 15.
51.) I left for college out of state when I was 16
52.) I graduated undergrad school when I was 20
53.) Spring time is my favorite season
54.) The sun streaming through clouds after a storm makes me misty-eyed
55.) I haven’t seen or spoken to my biological father since I was 12
56.) The father who raised me died when I was 8
57.) I have endometriosis
58.) I have broken up with a guy because he didn’t want to have sex as much as I
59.) Am obsessive compulsive
60.) I would love to take flying lessons in the next year or so
61.) I get cranky when I am cold, hungry or bored
62.) I don’t want children
63.) I am fiercely protective of my friends and loved ones
64.) My fave quote is by the poet laureate Fiddy Cent “If you got a glass jaw, you should watch your mouth.”
65.) Deep brown eyes make me melt
66.) An ideal day for me is a pair of sweats, thick socks, glasses on, a good book and a pint of Chunky Monkey
67.) I drop groceries off for a neighbor of mine every other week and she doesn’t have a clue that it is me
68.) I seek a relationship, but run like hell when it gets too heavy and sabotage it
69.) I brush my teeth at least 9 times a day
70.) I have a paralyzing fear of scorpions
71.) I think more people should spank their children
72.) I didn’t spend my 21st birthday at the bar, I spent it with my mom
73.) I almost lost my mother twice, now I don’t let her out of my sight!!!
74.) Female manipulation sets me off
75.) I owned my own business at 20
76.) Fiercely loyal and expect the same loyalty in return
77.) I have a lingerie fetish
78.) I’d rather stay at home and play dominoes and drink with friends instead of go out
79.) I have an obsession with makeup
80.) I didn’t wear pants until I was 10 years old
81.) My favorite song is “My Funny Valentine”
82.) I have an urge to smack the shit out of minority females who don’t vote
83.) I used to work at a swingers club
84.) I used to bartend and cocktail waitress at a Country Western bar
85.) A eon Flux was one of my favorite adult cartoons
86.) Did volunteer work for the Salvation Army every summer in high school and college
87.) My first job *related to my field* was as an employment counselor for the California Youth Authority and disadvantaged youth.
88.) California born and raised
89.) Crashed and burned her first semester in college
90.) When in a relationship, my domestic, nurturing side comes out (shhhh don’t tell)
91.) I’m a practicing advocate of self love
92.) Has mad love for Madonna and Lil Kim for allowing woman to embrace their sexual natures and flaunt it
93.) I was a honor student in high school
94.) A kiss at the back of my neck makes me swoon
95.) My idea of heaven is having my hair professionally shampooed
96.) I don’t know how to fry chicken
97.) I think ice cream should be a major food group
98.) Say Anything is my favorite movie
99.) My idea of a perfect date is homemade dinner, a movie and dancing cheek to cheek
100.) I would despise being ordinary

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