Some of My Favorite Things  

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5/12/2006 8:13 pm
Some of My Favorite Things

When we were discussing me doing a blog, my wife asked what I might write about. During 28 years of marriage, the sex has always been good. But there have been those times that I recall on a regular basis .. my favorite times. Here's one of them ...
Many years ago (during the last century, in fact!), I managed to sideline myself with a back injury. I spent weeks laying in bed while the insurance company figured out what treatment they'd authorize. I could lay down or stand straight up, but not much else. And most everything in between was painful.
But the doctor was quite wonderful in their dispensing of drugs. Somehow, with a combination of pills, the pain subsided ... and I became quite horny. There I was a partial, pitiful invalid ... with a hard-on.
At night we would lie in bed together and arouse ourselves. She would have her fingers in her pussy, rubbing her pink, hard clit until she moaned. I could hear the juiciness of her pussy as her fingers worked their magic. And I had a handful of hard on, stroking myself to fullness enjoying her sighs of satisfaction.
Once we were both hot and juicy, we'd get up. An antique dresser at the foot of the bed was just the right height. She'd lean on the dresser, resting on her forearms, with her feet spread slightly more than shoulder width apart. Her juices would run down the inside of her thighs, warm and wet and inviting. I would step in close behind her. My hands would caress her soft, smooth skin ... gliding over her back, her luscious bottom, her sides. One hand would take my hard on and gently rub it in her juicy pussy lips. With each stroke she'd moan, longer and deeper than the one before. Once my hard on was good and juicy I'd slide it in ... slowly. But all the way in. Standing was all I could do, and my hard on would slide deep into her ... she'd let out one long moan as it went in. Gently and slowly I'd rock my pelvis, sliding the hard-on in and out. She'd drop her head, moaning and groaning more with each stroke. My hands would glide over her, both of us being aroused by the sensation of fingers on skin. I'd enjoy the touch of her body and the view of her cleavage in the headboard mirror
I'd feel the electricity in my groin ... the sensation of a soon to be major orgasm ... and I'd rock a little faster, a little deeper. Her moans were continuous as were her orgasms. My hands would grab her hips ... and would hang on tightly as the orgasm built in my groin ... and then erupted into her hot, moist pussy ... both of us moaning in pleasure.
Slowly my hard on would shrink, and she'd have one final gasp of pleasure as I fell out. We'd clean up and I'd hobble back to bed.
There I'd lay ... dreaming of the last orgasm ... and looking forward to the next.
What a wonderful way to be "laid up"!!!!

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