Friday Nite Fun ... the next chapter  

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6/19/2006 6:57 pm
Friday Nite Fun ... the next chapter

So ... where was I? Ah yes, now I remember. My sweet bride had just experienced a massive series of orgasms as I cradled her in my arms. It was time to take a short break and catch our breath.

After a short drink it was the other woman's turn. We each took a good long turn nibbling her pussy, her nipples, and tasting her whole body. Her body shook with each orgasm.

As she caught her breath my wife gently grabbed me by my hard-on. Slowly she tongued it, and then slid my member deep into her mouth. Her hands gently massaged my balls. I felt the heat from her mouth and my dick. The electric current ran through my body right into my groin. I moaned as I ran my fingers through her hair, around her ears. Like an artist sculpting a masterpiece, her hands were massaging my balls and shaft to the edge of cummimg. Her tongue worked its magic on the shaft and head of my dick.

I looked over and saw another bj in progress. It was a rush to experience my wife's wonderful bj while watching the other couple do theirs.
The ladies came up licking their lips, and agreed to switch. Now I watched as my wife gave one of her wonderful bj's to him ... and I watched his reactions. His moans let me know it was good. Soon his pelvis was rocking as he ran his fingers in her hair. And I had someone in my lap sucking on my member, running her hands over my body. I watched all the action and enjoyed what I saw ... two hot women with two very horny men!

We came up for air ... again ... with all of us smiling. I gently pushed my wife onto the bed and went down on her pussy. Her juices were hot and flowing ... I lapped them up with delight. As I buried my face between her legs I heard only the sighs of pleasure.

It was time - I had to have her for the big finish. The other couple had already started ... she was on her elbows and knees on the edge of the bed. He stood next to the bed and was fucking her from behind. 'That's what I want' I said, and we moved to the foot of the bed. My wife took her position and I slid my dick in her hot pussy. It was exquisite! Soft sighs and moans came from the ladies ... as I heard the juicy sounds of my dick deep in her pussy.
The rocking and sliding grew faster ... deeper. I felt the "big one" building in my groin. My grip tightened on her bottom. I looked up in time to see the other couple cum, their moans and sighs like music. My wife's moans let me know she was ready ... and I obliged. Deep and fast ... just the way she likes it ... my dick had her cumming nonstop. The energy in my dick built to the bursting point ... and I came in one long, hot stream in her pussy.

We all sat back with a drink as we caught our breath and cleaned up a little. After dressing, it was hugs, kisses, and handshakes as we said goodbye.

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