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"I need to see you" she told him over the phone. It had been quite a while since the last time they had seen each other. How could they have went this long?
So she picked him up at a nuetral spot and took him to her office. The doctor had closed early for the afternoon and she had to be there to do some paperwork. It could be very risky though, so close to home. That made her want him even more. She felt more senuous than ever and she wanted him bad. Nothing it seemed would have stopped her. All logical thinking aside she unlocked the door and they went in.
They didn't waste anytime.
They kissed each other hungrily, she unzipped his pants, her mouth aching for the taste of his already hard cock. She took it into her wet mouth, sucking and savoring him. He wanted her breasts, he teased her nipples with his touch, gently pulling on each one. She loved this naughty feeling, the feeling he gave her each time they were together. She loved his dominance, but this time she wanted to tell him what to do.
She told him to go into one of the examination rooms and to sit on one of the tables. She knelt down and took him again in her mouth. He wanted so badly to explode all over her lips, but he knew these tables had many posistions and he wanted to try some out.
He told her to lie down and then he put the headrest down at an angle and plunged his cock deep into her throat.
She writhed naked on the table before him. Her pussy dripping with cum, aching for him to fill her.
He moved to the bottom of the table and took her. Hard and fast, like he knew she wanted, he knew she craved for it. He could tell by the way her body shook with pleasure, by the way she let out little screams of delight with each thrust.
She had cum so good and she wanted him to bathe her belly with his goodness.
She stroked him while he spilled his substance over her sexy body...he asked her,"how do you do that to me, why do you do that to me?" She quietly just grinned at him...still glowing from the orgasm he had given her.
Taking such a risk was worth it. Just to have this moment to relive in thier minds. Excitedly waiting for the next time they can indulge in this guilty pleasure.

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Oh yeah.

Very nice story.

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OH HELL YES! Sign us up for that!

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I'll take a double order....on the side......straight up......any way it cums!!! Oh yeah, baby!!

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