I Came For Her  

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I Came For Her

As the taxi glided smoothly through the rolling hills of tall grasses swaying in the breeze - there was a peace within me - I love Ireland - I love the people - and my respect for the struggles they endured through time drew me closer to them - though my own decent has only a very small portion of Irish - I would have picked Ireland as my birth place given the choice.
As the car pulled up to her home my excitement was intermingled with a small fear that I would fall far short of the beauty that awaited within the abode she had most graciously invited me to.

As I stepped out of the taxi I did not need to wait long - she was waiting at the door and my heart jumped. Was love at first sight a reality - if so - my heart had just melted.
The sun was warm as it's light outlined the beauty that lied just beneath the soft shear fabric that was her sundress. It was as though I was viewing an angel before my eyes. Her shaply figure and round breasts could not go unnoticed as her nipples gave form to her dress. Her panties underneath could be barely viewed - but enough to speak of the feminine nature she carried as the suns rays gave me a peak at all that was her sexuality - I could already feel the blood starting to flow and bring a slight rise to my penis as it tugged at my briefs. Down boy - I thought.
She stepped forward and gave me a hug that was of tender caring - of compassion - of friendship. Not over bearing - just loving.
I couldn't help the single tear that just trickled down my cheek - I do not remember ever feeling this way before - it was as though the good Lord himself had just gave me a blessing - one to be treasured for life - one to take care of, to protect and cherish to the very end.
She welcomed me with not just the most caring hug I had ever received - but with soft words that were spoken through her from the one who loves all. Any fears I had were now gone.

Her home was warm and cozy, as her personality was wrapped in every detail. I knew that it would be very difficult to ever leave such a home of elegance and simplicity. The moment one walks in to this wonderful nest - the love she held so deep inside could be felt as it echoed from every corner.
She had laid out a lunch of stew, brown bread, fairy cakes, and bottles of Beamish beer.
The sun came in through the windows and created an illusion of heaven on earth as it's rays touched and danced throughout the house.

We sat at the table she had prepared in anticipation of my arrival - and for the first time - as I looked across the table - I took a moment to view every detail of her face - the soft smile - the sparkle in her eye - her lashes and perfect brows - her creamy skin - her hair as it laid with peace and glistened in the light - her gentle look. Strands of hair had fallen across her cheek and I could not stop my hand as it reached across and tucked it gently behind her ear. I could see her earrings as they accentuated the tender lobe I had just touched, and my heart raced again as I though of them being caressed between my lips and the tip of my tongue. Her face spoke of kindness - it spoke of past pains - it spoke of life and the compassion that can be found within.
We took our time and ate slowly as we chatted and shared bits of laughter that resonated through the room.
Our meal finished - I could feel the Beamish as it flowed through my viens. I could have been no more relaxed - nor energized all at the same time.
"Would you like to take a walk and work off a little of that wonderful meal" I offered.
She looked at me with a smile and a pleasing glint in her eye - "I think I have a better idea - let me show you my home" she said in a tone that was of music - assuring - yet mischievious and hopeful.

Her home was full of color - greens and burgundys - touches of pink that let all know this was the home of a lady.
As we entered her bedroom the suns rays streamed through the window and onto her bed - it was not an accident - it was as if a calling had been offered.
"And this is my room" she giggled - and turned as she walked to the window to look outside across the meadow that was her backyard.
I stood behind her and looked as my arms gently wrapped around her and I could feel her body relax against me. I could feel the woman she was - the touch of her sundress as it loosely laid against her. Slowly my hands held her firm breasts and she sighed as her nipples harden and I touched their very tips with my fingers -

Too be continued ... sorry - don't want to bore anybody with a book - this could take a little while

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More please???????

fortunaswm replies on 7/8/2006 6:01 am:
It's cumming, it's cumming - one doesn't want to cum too soon - let us linger in the pleasure

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