Brothers and Sisters  

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6/11/2006 10:12 am

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Brothers and Sisters

Always there - no matter what. And when I disappear for a little while, she leaves me a lone - but, not too long. Then the email -
Have not heard from you in a while ...... sort of left you alone. However, ...... "no one has heard from you in 6 weeks"......"You are missing from our lives, ...... so we NEED to hear from you! ....... Don and I are ALWAYS here! My prayers ......big hug and kiss from your favorite sis! Peace is seeing a sunset and knowing who to thank.
I love my sister -

I could tell stories - like the time she bailed me out after a marijuana bust in ‘73 (my one and only) and we used code on the phone so I could let her know she DOES have the money to bail me out - and where to find it - with a officer of the law standing next to me - that was an amazing conversation. But, one that could have only taken place with a person who knows you. A person who knows you well enough to know when your words mean something other than it seems.

Someone that close has the goods on us and could blackmail us with what they know - but the thought has never even crossed their thoughts - not even in jest.

On the day I was born she was already in this realm to greet me - and she has been here every since. She always took care of her baby brother when we were toddlers - we hated each other as teens - and love each other as adults - the circle of life.

I have a brother too - great guy - a cowboy - now that’s funny - if you only knew. He’s a hard working man, and he needs NONE of the trappings in life - fancy this and fancy that - just give me a horse and a bed roll - “I’m good” he says - and means it. About 25 years ago my sister and I tried to convert him to the “standard way of life” - (9 - 5, health insurance, etc) - “you have twin daughters now - it’s time to grow up.” we pleaded with him. So he did - left his job on the ranch and got a job in a local mill that paid health benefits, etc. He lasted a month - and I’ll bet his supervisor is still trying to figure out exactly what that was all about. But, my sister and I knew - he’s our brother. He’s been working ranches every since - it’s good.

My sister is a professional in a professional world - highly organized and successful. If she finds a penny on the street - by the end of the day she has invested it and already increased its value. She controls the environment around her.

Me - I did the “American Dream” thing - a house, 2 cars in the driveway - little league games, etc. A working man - heavy equipment operator by trade - somewhat organized, but room for improvement. A hippy by nature and proud of it - though my sister is of that generation - I took on the traits - passive - peace and love to all - to each their own - etc.

My brother - never had a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of - but, without argument - the happiest of us three. Don’t piss him off tho - nor his wife - they’ll both kick your ars - but only after they have used every other avenue to get you out of their face and you didn’t heed the warning - even at 50 they’re not afraid to step up to the plate - neither of them - but she makes a KILLER peach cobbler in a “Dutch Oven” over the campfire - it’s amazing how she does that.

The professional (controlling) - the working class hippy (passive), and the cowboy (aggressive). Three TOTALLY different human beings who went three totally different directions in life - yet bound together til the end. Our blood is all from the same pool - and we know it when we look into each others eyes.

Don’t ever aggress against one - because right, wrong, or indifferent - you’ve kicked a beehive - and I don’t think your going to receive honey.

I love these two siblings, and was blessed to be born into their world as well as my own.
I know that no matter what - if no one else - they’re there.

HBowt2 58F

6/11/2006 1:08 pm

Thinking that you are one blessed man...

fortunaswm replies on 6/11/2006 3:13 pm:
Thank you H - I forget once in awhile - but it comes back - and I see. Keep your smile sweet lady - a few of my bessings have been people I have met here - even if only through words.

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