The Story of 0...aka, oh, ohhh, ohhhh...ah, ahhh.....!!!  

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2/27/2006 2:06 pm

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The Story of 0...aka, oh, ohhh, ohhhh...ah, ahhh.....!!!

I vaguely remember the first porn (soft porn anyway)I watched at the tender young age of 19. The revelation that the mind is the most important tool used in sexual arousal was not new to me but many other concepts like how pain and pleasure are intertwined was!

The Sears and Roebuck catalog wsa my main squeeze up until 16 when I finally met the first woman (and come to find out nympho) I wanted to de-v myself who had just moved to town. But that is another story and I digress way too much as a rule.

Shag rag magazines did little to satiate my fantasies and desires until then. It just felt wrong and demeaning to see women whom as a norm were "working" and acting a part and usually very poor drams at that. The women in the underwear and bra section were not putting on airs in my mind, however. Yes.....Sears turned me into a voyeur!

The Story of O was basically a doctrine on how the mind, pain, pleasure and relinquishing the false illusion of control are all the best bed partners. I would love to see the movie again and see how much time has altered the old memory bank--ok, so I wsn't the leading male star, you caught me.

I recall being blown away and horrified by the climatic use of cigarette burns to heighten orgasms. Still haven't tried that one and doubtful I ever will but all I know is, when I drop a cherry in my lap while driving, I get very excited!!

I still have women way far up on a pedestal and wouldn't dream of ever disrespecting or harming the earthy and motherly bonds they have with nature....and my throbbing member. A rosebud needs to be coaxed, crooned and carressed to flower in full regality so why would anyone want to burn, slap or whip it into full scale majesty and glory?

The Story of O is not an S&M flick in any way but simply one of using all senses to fully reap the rewards. I envision the blindfolds, swapping, satin sheets and stockings for securing sacrifical body to bedpost etc that were employed for maximum mileage!!

Barely a few weeks later, a girl I picked up in the bar (since 19 was the age of absolution then) was screaming at me in a very demanding voice to "pound me" and rough her up as she opened herself up to the heavenly throes of passion and divinity--not the fudge kind either! I was shocked!

It did nothing for my sexuality dogma since I have a chip on my shoulder about men using, leading on and generally mistreating the psyche of women that I worship and love for all their complexities.

I still don't think I could experience anything more than playful antics of subordination although spanking my ass with a bamboo cane to make the blood flow opposite south of my ass sounds highly intriqueing--for a few minutes anyway.

And I would lick any gals CFM boots, relish golden showers and spend hours performing tongue olympics or anything else demanded politely!! If ever given the chance, that is! I simply do not want to ever be the punisher and women needing to be "severely" disciplined to become aroused need to either revisit their childhood or bitch slap their father or....? Unless you're a very naughty girl that is.....
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