You and I together  

foreignLover79 37
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8/30/2006 7:07 pm

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9/15/2006 11:41 am

You and I together

Lets lay together, be one together
You be in me and I in you
Lets grow together, know together
Your life, my life, as one
Lets pray together, stay together
You heart, my heart, intertwined
Lets show each other, teach each other
Your wants, my wants, our goals

Copyright ©2006 foreignLover79

snowdragon2006 41M

8/30/2006 10:10 pm

sounds like really good promises. Very poignant that they could be used as marriage vows.

Take care...

KghtTtemplar 54M
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8/31/2006 7:52 am

Excellent! Simple yet powerful.

woofff 41F

8/31/2006 9:29 am

I wuz over at Templar's blog and I read about your restaurant...GOOD LUCK,you.... I do not live near you...but my hopes and wishes for you will reach I'm certain.


ZZ_Todd 59M

9/1/2006 1:01 am

Except for "Bob" sometimes it seems that you're speaking only to me. What a powerful writer you are, who can do that... make anyone who reads this feel like it's a private conversation.

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