Vacation Day  

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8/17/2006 9:46 am

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Vacation Day

I remember when the sun set behind us as we made love through the midday. We were visiting the islands, "remember." It was our third day there in our cabana house on the beach. I just made it back from my 3 hour spa session that started at noon. I came in the room to find you soaking in the hot tub. The glass of Johnny Walker Blue to your left, looking gangster like Al Pacino in Scarface. "I love that movie," I thought to myself. Your eyes sparkled in the sunlight as you beckoned me over to you, "Hello Dear." MMMMMMM. As I leaned over to give you a kiss you pulled me in the water catching me off guard. "Oooh," I giggled. My white cotton robe was drenched and my seafoam green strings on my bikini became exposed. "You remember?"
You grabbed my left breast with your hand and massaged it forcefully, "Oh daddy." You held the back of my neck and kissed me deeply. I stripped off my robe and stradled you in the water. My knees hit the jets in the tub and they tickled. "You've been waiting for me baby?" I asked as I held your face in my hands. I kissed you hungrily and hard. Our tongues wrestled and I got even closer to you. My stomach against your chest, my breasts against your neck, and your lips to my neck. You titillated my senses. You licked and sucked on my bare skin. I licked you back. I tilted your head back and I tickled your ear with my tongue. "So nice." My tongue ran a trail from your earlobe to your chest then back up to your lips. Your fingers found my opening then. You strummed my clit like the strings on your guitar. In and out of my opening you felt me. I girated on you. You got me excited. I felt your prick even more than before, it was hard. Harder. "I want you," I said, "don't make me wait." You barely pulled your swim trunks past your ass when I found your dick to be free. I seized my opportunity. I pulled at the strings on my bikini bottoms and took hold of your thick swollen dick in my hand. I inserted you into my cunt, "Oh my God," you felt so good as I lowered myself unto you. Hip to hip, puss to prick, I rode you. Slow and hard, deep and rhythmic until my senses got overwhelmed in being with you. I lost control. I wined untop of your cock like a spinning top. "Oh Daddy, I'm cumming," I moaned loudly in your ear. You held my hips down on you until the earthquakes trembling through my body subsided. I will never forget what you said to me next you bastard, "You ready?" You weren't done with me, you had just gotten started. "I've been waiting on you, now it's my turn momma," you said with a wicked grin.
The next thing I know, my legs were above our heads as you lifted me to the side platform of the hot tub. You gently layed me down with your dick still inside me. Once stable, you thrusted deeply in me. For a moment I questioned if I could handle it. Nothing for me to hold on to, so I gripped the side of the hot tub as you penetrated me. You felt to be a perfect fit inside me. My walls cushioned each push. You moved your body in different ways as you made you dick dance inside me. I liked the way you moved. Slow circles with quick jabs, then longer smoother jabs. Full insertions, slow at first until my pussy charmed you. You started pumping in and out, faster and faster and faser and faster until the earthquakes started to creep up in you. You pulled out. "I'm not ready yet....turn over," you instructed. I followed, I have always been good at following directions. My ass in the air and my breast touching the floor, you got on your knees behind me. I gasped as you re-entered me. Always feels bigger for some reason from the back. I gasped again as you slapped my ass, firm and hard as you worked behind me. Moaning uncontrollably, I could feel all of you, "Oh Baby." MMMMMMMMM. You were working me good. Slap again, it still makes me jump. The undescribable feeling of having you inside of me diving in and out was crazy. You inserted your finger into my ass as I found my hand traveling to my clit. It was swollen and extremely sensitive. I brought my hand back to my mouth and sucked on my fingers, "salty sweet," I thought. I had to put my fingers back to my clit and got some juices for you to taste. As I extended my hand back to you, you licked and sucked my digits slowly. You held on to my hips now and brought me back on you, rough and hard. Sounded almost as hard as the slaps you dropped on my ass. Tremors started to run through you again and again you pulled out. You were driving me insane. You told me to turn over again, and I did. While flipping to lay on my back, I saw some precum starting to drip from your tip. I didn't know if it was from you or me. I wanted it, but you weren't having it. You spread my legs apart and lowered your head onto my cunt. "Oh my," I exclaimed as you gently bit on my clit. You laughed. You licked and sucked my pussy like you wanted all of the juices out of me. You used your tongue on the tip of my clit like a vibrator and I was getting lost in you. I pulled your head up and kissed you, "I want some too." I flipped you over got on of you. I then put my puss in your face and I put my lips on your dick....."I love 69." I ran my tongue down the sides, flickered it across the tip, and sucked sensually on the tip....."mm mm good." I tried to fit all of you in my mouth as I bobbed up and down on you. You inserted your fingers into both of my openings and your tongue in and between. My body was almost spasmic. It was my turn to pull away, I wasn't ready. I wanted it to happen at the same time. I started sucking on your dick a little harder, jerking up and down with my right hand as my left played with your balls. I could feel the extra stiffening. I stopped. I wanted to feel you cum inside me. I wanted to have your warm juices running out of my puss like a faucet. I sat on you backwards and went for another ride. You tried to get up, but my knees had you locked, my ride had you week and my left hand had your balls. I played with my clit with my right hand. MMMMMM it was nice. I turned around on you to face you now. You sat up and your mouth hungrily battled with my breasts as they bounced up and down with me riding on top of you. I locked my legs behind your back and squeezed you deep in me. I kissed you then, hard. I threw my head back as the rhythm our bodies were dancing to started to send tremors through us both. I wouldn't stop, I couldn't stop, my body held on to you tighter. You pulled my hair further back with one hand and with the other you squeezed my waist. We both screamed out in ecstasy. "Remember? We need another day like that."

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KghtTtemplar 54M
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8/17/2006 12:41 pm

I've decided to vacation in Florida. I'm going to find you (Lover) and introduce myself. Then, I going to give you a nice strong hug. Just for the hope that a little of you rubs off on me, and is carried with me on my travels. You are sexy and sweat. Nice to see more. Peace hon, Templar

KghtTtemplar 54M
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8/17/2006 2:23 pm

Somebody give me my medication..."sexy and sweet" ! Although, sweat might work with what you wrote...and being Florida. (I'm so dyslexic)
Er...I think I spelled dyslexic right...cheers

KghtTtemplar 54M
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8/17/2006 7:00 pm

Cute? OK, I can work with truth I was also honest. perhaps in a cute way.
As always, no place I rather be, then on a blog, with Lover reading her work.

snowdragon2006 41M

8/17/2006 9:48 pm

I need a cigarette...and I don't even smoke.
Why is this office so damn hot today? Ok, ok, deep breaths, relax...

ZZ_Todd 59M

8/18/2006 4:13 pm

Mmmm... this is why you're on my watch list!

jd29992z 54M
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8/19/2006 4:11 pm

Hmmmmm I love erotcia reading and writing it later girl keep up the cool hot stories JD

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