The Entrance  

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The Entrance

I never imagined it would be like this. From the moment I walked through the front door with my 4 1/2" spiked pink heels accentuating my long shapely stems barely covered by my small, low waisted denim skirt and even smaller pink halter shirt, your eyes devoured me.
Barely making it through the door, your hot passionate embrace made my knees go weak. Standing in front of me being the adonis that you are. Your hair in a pony tail dripping wet with drops falling unto your chest, running down to your right nipple making it stand erect. You made me breathless.
Leaning oer to my ear you whispered, "Take off your heels," before nibbling on my lobe. That was enough to strip me bare right there at your door. As you led me by hand from your entry way to your bedroom, each step brining me one step close to feeling you, feeling all of you, my panties caught my increase in wetness.
In your bedroom, my eyes caught my reflection as we entered. I froze at the foot of your large bed as I looked at the swells of my breast heaving up and down in the massive mirror that's your bed's headboard.
My face flushed and hot as if it were the first time we've made love. You dropped my hands clasp. Circling behind me, you ran your fingertips up my right arm to my neck. Tilting it ever so slightly to the left. Your hot mouth seized the opportunity to cover my neck with licks and kisses, while your eyes watched intently our reflection.
As you began sucking on my neck passionately and intensely, my head rolled back as your fingers undid the halter tie at my neck. Pushing my shirt down to my waist, my ample breast charging forward with large hard nipples leading the way, found themselves bare. Not for long though, your large hand cuppled them. Rubbing and kneading them until they ached to be sucked. The more you kneaded the more I softly moaned.
With my neck not being enough for you to suck on, you turned me around and had me sit at the edge of the bed. Sitting in front of you, my eyes came to focus on the tent your pole had formed with your towel. Being eager as i was for you, naturally I droped your towel to the floor with one hand while grabbing for you with the other.
With mouth ajared, I barely succeeded in licking your tip as you pulled away and dropped to your knees.

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