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One night I was at my boyfriends house for a party he threw for friends. I came over to his house dressed to kill. I wore a one piece black pant catsuit with a belt that drew in at the waist and a cut out in the back so I had more skin exposed. My hair rolled up with spirals hanging down framing my face. I looked hot. When Tony opened the door for me, he almost devoured me whole at the door. Bending me backwards with his hand at the small of my back, he kissed me long and hard.
"Nice to see you too," I giggled, "Can I come in?"
"Baby, you can cum where ever you like." He snickered as he took me by one hand and led me in with a gentle push on my ass from the other. Shutting the door with his foot, he turned and took me to the kitchen where some of two of guests had been congregating.

He introduced me to the other couple. The gentleman was an interesting mix of beauty, strength, and extra masculinity. The clothes he wore was an accent to an already terrific frame. The woman, gorgeous. I have never been attracted to a woman sexually, but I can appreciate a well put together package.

"Lover, this is Carlos and Michelle," Tony said about the couple. Carlos was 6'1" and approximately 210 lbs of solid muscle mass. His chest protruded through his cream linen shirt showing off his semi erect nipples. His hair short and wavy gave him a boyish charm. His date Michelle, was 5'4" and 110 lbs wet. Her breasts were in no way as petite as she was. Amply positioned in her low cut turquoise mini dress, her nipples looked ready to come out and play. She was packing a serious set of C cups. Nice.

"We are just waiting on one more couple," Tony said. Just then, the door bell rang. In walked this dark complexioned, tall, slender balled man. He looked like he could have been Michael Jordan's twin, minus about 4 inches. Handsome and manerly. He looked you in the eyes when he said hello. His date was approximately my height, but then again, I was wearing my stilleto's. She was a fiesty looking brunnette with long straight hair framing her face. Her eyes were bright and glimmered the lights from the sequins on her top. Her breasts weren't as ample as Michelle's, but there is nothing to complain about with a B cup. She was very well proportioned, and her trousers hung on for dear life at the base of her hips. Her stomach was muscular and inviting. "Lover, this is Sonia and Mark."

With everyone present, we left the kitchen and sat at the dinner table. The meal was exquisite and filling, but dessert was to die for. Anytime you have sauces and finger foods, you are just asking for trouble. Strawberries, apple slices, and bannana slices were on a tray with chocolate dipping sauce. Being that the dinner table was round, it was easy for us all to access dessert with ease. Tony grabbed and banana slice and put it in my mouth. "I know you like that," he said as he let his finger linger on my lips. I reached over and grabbed his crotch under the dinner table and said, "I like this one better." He grinned wickedly and kissed me continuously on my neck. He knew just how to get me going. I forgot that there were guests present for a minute. When I snapped back to reality, every one else were giggling and started to play with each other.
"I want you for dessert," Tony announced as he stood up. I noticed the familiar bulge in his pants as it was right in my face.
"Tony," I giggled, "Later okay. You have company."
I tugged at his hand to sit down, but he wouldn't budge. He pulled me to stand up next to him and kissed me softly on my lips.

Looking at me in the eyes, Tony asked, "Who else would like to have Lover for dessert?" As I was about to protest, he lifted a finger to my lips.
"Shh, Its okay. Trust me. Do you trust me?"
"I do trust you Tony, but I..."
"Shh," he said with that familiar finger.
"Fellas, can you please clear the table? And Ladies, please hold on to the sauce"
Tony was conducting this evening and everyone else was at his whim. He undid the belt that binded me at the waist and began to unbutton my suit to the front. At the last button he lingered and kissed me again. He slid my clothes down to my ankles and helped me step out of them.
"Oooooh," he cooed, "no panties."
He placed my bottom to the edge of the table and said, "Lay back."
I did as instructed.

'Just relax and enjoy,' were my final instructions.
There were hands running all over my body now, and chocolate sauce being dripped everywhere to be licked. Everyone had stripped bare naked now, and the clothes that confined them were thrown together in a pile.
"Here are the rules," I heared Tony's voice say, "Who ever can make her cum the fastest via mouth or hand will join us later as we complete the evening. If I win, then you only get to watch."
My head was spinning. Did I really hear what I thought I heard. I don't know how I should feel about this. Should I go through with it? Or should I hightail it naked and covered in chocolate? Well, I have always had a fantasy of me being fed to men on a serving tray, so for reality purposes, some revisions were made. I had to trade in a couple of the men for women and the serving tray for a dining table. Oh God what am I ...."ooooooooh." Someone's mouth was on my clit. Someone's tongue was running up and down on my pussy's lips. Two heads bobbed up and down on my soft protruding breasts. Two hands worked on taking off my heels and then sucking and massaging my toes. They were not making this easy for me. Too much stimulation going on. Tongues were flickering on my nipples, my clit, my toes.
"Mark, stick your finger in her," I heard a mouth say as it rumbled over my toes.
Releasing one of my legs now, Tony walked over to my mouth and bit my bottom lip upside down. "How are you doing Lover?" I could barely speak. Did he really think I would be able to. I still had four other mouths working on me. In my short lived anger, waves of passion started to rip through my body as I came in a strangers mouth.
"Good job Mark," said Sonia, "you've been paying attention. My turn."
There was just a rotation of mouths on my various body parts. The mouth on my opening now was smaller, hotter, more controlled. It was softer and pulsated in and out of me, teasing me, biting me. My tits held more forceful lips. A pleasure like pain. Sucking hard with swirling tongues. Mmmmmm. My belly held another pair of small lips, kissing, biting, tickling me. 'What is going on,' was the thought running through my head.
"Oh my God," escaped from my lips as a small set of fingers vibrated on my clit with a mouth licking and sucking on my lips. The waves were coming again...faster...harder...."OOOOhh"
"That is a nice mouth you have on you Sonia. Mark, she might have you beat," Tony joked..."Next!"
"Wait I am not done yet," Sonia said.
"Yes you are," Carlos said, "don't be greedy. Michelle, your turn."

Michelle's mouth on my cunt was even softer than Sonia's. She alternated her fingers as she inserted them in and out of me. Her mouth sucked and pulled on me. She swoshed my clit in her mouth with extra fluids and then went in for the kill on her desired target. My clit was swollen and throbbing and her mouth was not stopping. I was being pleased in so many ways, by so many people, and I was not able to touch in return. I was yearning for someone in my mouth. I grabbed at the two closest to me. My hands found two hard and unyeilding cocks. They danced around from excitement and were moist with pre cum.
"Tony, I think we have a live one," said Carlos.
Tony found me. His dick found my lips and just when I was about to enjoy licking him, my body convulsed and I came again. Michelle's manuevering on my cunt broke me.

Carlos went next. I never felt a tongue vibrate in such a way on me before. His licks were strong, deteremined and forceful. I couldn't take it. He layed his long heavy tongue with vibrating pressure on my clit to my opening as he fingered me fast and hard. I couldn't even concentrate on the other mouths on me. Tony kissed me then, sensually and pulled on my tongue with his sucking. I was overwhelmed. Carlos made me cum.
"Beat that Tony," Carlos laughed.
"I don't have to sir." Tony joked. "Well out of all of you, Carlos is the winner. He will get to participate and the rest of you will get to watch. The rule of watching is you can only pleasure yourself, not each other. You might miss something......Lover, you ready for me?"
I could only nod my head. I was going to make him pay for it later.

Tony knew my body like the back of his hand. He could make me cum in an instant, but he didn't. He was very slow and deliberate with his movements. He licked me soft and slow. My pussy lips swollen, he grumbled vibrations with his mouth over them. He sucked on me slow, pulling my clit with his tongue. He stuck his fingers in me rhythmically and brought me to the brink. I was about to cum and he stopped. He ran his tongue up my middle forcefully, pushing everyone out of the way. He pulled my ass down to meet his hips and he kissed me hard. He sucked on my neck. He massaged my breasts. He..."OOOH"...entered me slow, deep and hard. He pulled my chest up to meet his and I held on to him as he walked with me to the awaiting living room. He lowered me slowly and had instructed everyone else to sit on the couch.
"Carlos," he bellowed, "come down here and meet us on the floor."
Carlos came swiftly and my mouth found his hungry mouth on mine.
"You taste so sweet," he whispered.
I could only hear my own moans as Tony pushed and pulled....pushed...and pulled in and out, in and out of me. His dick was meant for my pussy. I felt him thick and deep. I was wet and slippery and the slurping noises coming from my pussy started to stiffen Tony back.
"Watch out Carlos.....Lover open wide." Tony said and he took his dick out of my cunt and dripped it to my mouth. Carlos found my opening with one movement as I drank in Tony's juices. I sucked him like it was my last drink of water ever. I sucked him to weakness. I liked to make his knees tremble. He fell next to me, kissing and nibling on me, as Carlos worked my cunt. He was different than Tony, his hips moved in different ways, his dick had a slightly different bend, and he worked a little faster than Tony. I don't know if it was the excitement of the evening, but he couldn't wait. He was ready to cum. He pulled out of me and I told him to "Hold it." I got up and straddled Tony backwards. He may have cum, but he was always hard. I positioned myself to give Tony the ride of his life and had Carlos kneel infront of me. I moved his hand off of his dick and sucked him back to comming. I licked up and down his shaft as I jerked his dick to uncontrollable dancing. I could taste the pre cum and it was over for him. I continued to grind on top of Tony as Carlos came into my mouth. After I sucked Carlos hard, I spinned around on Tony's dick and worked him into a frenzy. "That's for doing all of this to me," I told him. I moved my waist around and around, up and down until he grabbed my hips. I pushed his hands away, and he grabbed my ass instead. Faster and faster round and round, I kept going. I held his hands down as I watched the stiffness creep into his body at the same time the waves rippled in mine. We came together loud and hard. I collapsed on top of him. When I rolled over, the other two couples had found each other and were off into their own cumming session. That was a very fun party.

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I have to stop reading your blog at work. I can't concentrate...brain need oxygen...all blood!!!




talk more...later

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Very hot... I was thinking of throwing a party this weekend... was wondering if you might be available

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