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You want to know how I got in to sex on the computer? I remember it like it was yesterday. I always had a vivid imagination, and I wrote stories and poems all the time. Even ones with sex. The transition was inevitable I guess. I was dating a past ex that was away on a business trip. From the first day we met, we always had sex, but this was his first trip away from home and I think our bodies were going into withdrawal.

"Hello....are you there Lover?"
"Yes I'm here," though I never thought I would be. What would my friends think of me if they knew.
"Are you ready?"
"I'm ready."
"Your camera, is it all set up? Can you see me"
"I think so, I can see you"
"Frank, I have never done this before. It is a little strange don't you think?"
"It's okay love, we'll start off slow. Let's think of a scenario we both can imagine."
"I think I have one in mind"
"Good Lover, send me the first line."

From there, the rest is history. Let me paint you the story of how my imagination went that night.

I spent all day running around shopping for the night. Only the best and only finger foods were being served. I like feeding and being fed by hands, its so erotic. Yum. Fresh white lilies and tulips as well as candles were picked up as well. It was going to be a fun night.

The dining table was set with candles, fruits, chocolates, cheese, and chicken satay over a red table cloth. A bottle of Bonny Doon chilled over to the side.

In the living room, the coffee table was moved over to the left side of the couch. It left ample floor space exposed. There were bottles of edible heating massage oils, chocolate body paints, and a body feather duster.

"Ms. Foreign, he is on the way up," the door man called in my warning. I hurried to light the candles and then place the last prop on Long, smooth, shapely legs accentuated by a pair of black patten leather pumps. A brand new see through lace negligee from Vicki's that framed and propped up my two voluptuous girls. Final touch, upswept hair, leaving easy access to my neck which his lips would be finding soon. I positioned myself on the couch. One leg on the floor highlighting my calf and the other leg thrown over the back of the couch showing of my thigh.

Keys rattling in the door, and then it opened. The look on your face, priceless. The desire in your eyes, burning. Your brief case slipped out of your hand unto the floor. I got up and walked over to you. "Let me get that for you Honey," I said as I bent over in front of you. Your hand carressed my ass and my shoulder brushed up against your cock as I stood up. "Mmmmm, happy to see me?" I said as I kissed you hello. "Are you hungry?" I asked as I led you to the table with food. I took a chocolate covered strawberry and placed it in your mouth. Some juices tricked down the side of your mouth and I took my tongue and licked it, slowly. "Very nice," I grinned.

"Lover, what's..."
"Shh, this is a no talking evening. Just relax and I will take care of you." I said putting my finger to his lips. He sucked it.
"You are wearing to much clothes, I am beginning to feel under dressed. Let me help you with that suit." Whispering in his ear, sucked on his lobe before I started stripping off his clothes. His Jacket and vest were the easiest to go. When I made it to his shirt, he pulled me by my ass into his body to feel him. My fingers worked his buttons as fast as I could. My head came up to his chest and his nipples were erect and inviting. He caught me staring. He lifted up my chin and lowered himself to kiss me. I could feel my legs buckle. I pulled away. "Not yet, I am not finished undressing you yet. Sit here," I instructed so I could take off his shoes. I had him stand back up so I could take off his pants. All those years of playing soccer paid off because Frank had these amazingly strong and contouring legs. I loved running my tongue up and down them. Only thing left was his boxers that barely contained his bulge. Gone. The night was beginning beautifully.

I led him over to the throw rug in front of the couch told him to "lay down on your stomach." I was getting ready to give him a massage. Nice strong and deep at first, to work out any aches and pains he may have and then light and playful with my many props. Sitting on his lower back I bent over to whisper in his ear, "turn over." I pressed my breasts to his back, so he could feel me. Now the dangerous part. Am I going to be able to get through this massage. Frank had sneaky ways about him. One wrong touch, and my night of drawn out pleasure will turn into a night of heavy panting, pumping, and multiple orgasms. Wait, what is my problem with this again, I shake my head back to the present. How can I day dream with the reality of the situation in front of me. I sat on Frank's stomach and worked on massaging his hands and the front of his legs. I had to pin him down, he was getting so excited. "Stop it Frank, I want to play," I giggled.

I took the body chocolate and painted circles and wave lines all over his stomach and chest. The heating massage oils, I place on his neck and belly button. Time to go to work. I started licking Franks ear and quickly moved to his neck. I sucked and breathed on him so he could feel the full effect of the oil. As I moved down to his chest, I had the feather duster in one had as my mouth licked and sucked. My tongue stiff and wet, followed the shapes I made on him. I licked his chest and stomach clean, like a good kitty would. His belly button found my tongue flickering in and out of it as I breathed on it to stimulate the oils I rubbed on it. I licked him from under his belly to his sides, then I started sucking deep and hard. He's ticklish, and I just like to feel him squirming underneath me.

My hand grabbed his balls now, and with my face being so close to his dick, it danced around uncontrollably. I held it in my hand now as I licked every inch around it in close vacinity. Time to dive. I slowly took him in my mouth, deep. He tasted so good. I brought my mouth up and down on his cock. I tickled the tip with my teeth and tongue. He could barely stand it. I massaged his dick faster and faster each time, the veins were stiffening with the amount of fluids rushing to the area. He tried to pull me up, but I wouldn't stop, I would not stop sucking his dick. His body locked up and I could tell he was going to cum. Right in my mouth, he spewed his juices, but he was still rock hard.

"I'm hungry," he said.
I placed my fingers to his lips, and I said,"I'll feed you."
I raised my self up stradled his face. He just moaned. His tongue, his lips, his teeth, all working together in a synchronized frantic pace. He was trying to see how fast he could make me cum. He took his fingers and entered my ass. He stuck his tongue in my opening. He sucked down hard on my clit. I don't know how much more of this I can take. He played my pussy like a fiddle, sometimes I think he knows it better than me. My back arched, my senses reeling, I buckled down and squired in his mouth. He took it all.

I lowered my self to kiss him and the tastes of both of us combined to a delicious flavor in my mouth. He seized his opportunity in my moment of weakness to take charge. He put me on my back now, and his swollen, throbbing cock found my opening. He slid right in. He was digging for gold inside my pussy it felt like. Long hard deep strokes. I felt it. He struck gold over and over again. His body worked the hell out of me. He raised up and told me, "lean over the couch." I could even tell him "shh" anymore, he had me. I got up positioned myself on the couch. One knee on the floor and one leg spread on the couch. He didn't miss a beat. He jumped in right behind me and went right back to digging. The positions of our bodies on the couch and the rhythm to which we were both working soon proved to much for us to keep up with. Him pushing inside me and me grinding back on him, "Oh My GOD". He was taking me to orgasmic heights. Pushing and grinding, pumping and wining, my pussy kept calling him in. Loud moans of ecstasy escaping both of our lips and his hands gripped my ass and I gripped the couch. His body started to stiffen and my back started to arch, we were both getting ready to cum. "OOOHHHH," we both screamed in unison. One more push and leaned over me and grabbed my breasts. We just laughed in between heavy breathing. As he backed up out of me, our mixture of cum dripped out of my pussy and ran down my leg. I couldn't move.

The night was early still as we sat back on the couch. My desire was still burning brightly for him. We started kissing and I straddled him on the couch. His desire was burning brightly too, because he was still hard. I saw him, I felt him. I began to kiss him deeper and deeper. I took his dick and started teasing it with the tip of my clit. He pulled my hair back and started kissing my neck and sucking on my breasts. With his other hand he manuvered mine out of the way and placed his dick in my cunt. My pussy swollen from all the attention it was getting, was inviting to him, welcoming him in. He bit on my nipples to keep me present in the moment. He bit me so I could feel him, see him, know him. I started to grind on top of him. My clit brushed up on his pubic hairs, getting them wet from my juices. I did the belly dancers wave with my waist and hips. I wanted him to feel me. "Slow down," he said to me, but knowing me that just says go faster, go deeper, go harder. I worked my hips, I worked my pussy lips. They contracted against his cock and I raised and lowered myself on him. With his dick inside me, he lifted me off the couch and flipped me on to my back in one move. He caught me off guard. It was his turn to wine. My walls felt every inch of his dick as he entered and re entered and re entered me. It felt soft, inviting and smooth. My pussy kept a tight grip on his cock. My hands grabbed hold of his ass as he pushed deeper and deeper inside me. I couldn't take it. My hands moved up to his back and dug deep. My nails broke skin, he didn't feel it. He just worked faster and faster as my moans got louder and louder and he found my lips to kiss me hard. "I'm about to cum Lover," he said. "Please cum....oooooh please," I wimpered. I swear it felt so good I could almost cry. "OOOOOOOHHHHHH," he screamed as his body spasmed on top of me. He lowered himself on me and I held on tight.

When he caught his breath, he asked, "What's the occasion?"
"Your Promotion," I replied
"How did you know?" He laughed.
"A little birdie told me."
"And what if I didn't get the promotion?"
"I would have still given you a raise," I said with a sly grin grabbing his dick.

This was my warm up into the world of erotic fiction. A little longer to get to the good stuff, but I had to take my time. LOL.

Copyright ©2006 foreignLover79

hereIam51757 55F
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8/20/2006 7:52 am

Oh my God, woman ... this was GOOD!!!!!
Thank you!


KghtTtemplar 54M
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8/20/2006 11:09 am

Lover, what can I say...that I haven't already said. If I could bottle you, we'd be rich and the world, much more satisfied.
As always, you know my heart.

ZZ_Todd 59M

8/21/2006 8:04 am

In spite of my, uh, "detail" that I use in my stories, most of what I write really is 100% imagination. Maybe that will change someday, but I think if it does, the "details" will become more generic... a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell!

jd29992z 54M
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8/21/2006 9:45 am

I like your Sile of writing you being the first person and what sounds like what really happened very sensual very nice. It made me hmmmmm a Little stiffer hehehe keep up the writing I will keep up the reading I write erotica also reading other's work gives me incite on the woman's aspect very cool. Later JD

BTW nice pic love your tat!

rm_MrDrow 46M

8/21/2006 6:06 pm

What a way to get into it. Good story.

snowdragon2006 41M

8/21/2006 7:13 pm

so when does the movie version come out. On second thought, keep it in the reader's mind; it's more erotic that way. But you mentioned more good stuff. Please keep word, your fans await the unabridged version.

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