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8/6/2006 1:55 pm

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I've lost the key to my heart
Thrown it away and I forgot the combination
Trying so hard to get it open
The codes I have lost in translation

I've kept my heart hidden for so long
No man has been able to enter
Losing my way back to myself
The path is lost to my center

I've taken many roads trying to find it
But all I've gotten to are dead ends
Not even a tree to climb to look the courses over
The love is lost for even friends

I've been cold for too long
Unaturally uncaring I have been told
No warmth, no joy, no feeling, no song
Maybe to the devil my heart long ago was sold

I've wondered if its a form of fear
That has designed this dark maze without a light switch
Or can it truly be as others have called me
That I am really just a bitch

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