as luck would have it  

footballer535 38M
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4/20/2005 7:44 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

as luck would have it

I play rugby in a semi pro league, so I travel a lot, especially in the spring. Last weekend, I was in Boston, Mass. I was online trying to set something up with a girl for Saturday night after my game, but it didn't work out. Anyway, after the game, a few of my teammates and I were driving down the street to go to a liquor store and get some post game beverages for our hotel when one of the guys was like, "Dude look at that chick!". So, we all check her out, she's definetly a cougar or a MILF if you will. We pull up next to her and strike up a conversation. Mind you we're (5 of us) driving around Boston in our rental, a Hyundai Sonata. Not exactly a chick magnet of a car, not to mention that it was packed with 5 really large rugby players.

This is where it gets fun, she starts asking us what were doing and next thing you know were exchanging #'s. This is where I thought it would end. A half hour later, we're back at our hotel and my buddy's cell phone rings. It's the chick and she's asking us if she can come over. She showed up with her friend, who was cute, but not as hot. Anwyay, we're all then drinking down at the pool, next thing you know were doing body shots and the girls are in their bathing suits - how they knew we had a pool, I'm not sure. So after about an hour of messing around down at the pool, and basically before the other guys on our team could figure out what was happening, we got the girls back up to our room and we fucked the hell out of these two chicks. As is standard with a rugby team, we all had comdoms, so that was a good thing. We were all drinking and fucking these girls in the room and it was pretty loud, people were banging on our door, but we didn't open up! I was fucking the MILF for atleast a half hour before I tagged off and went to the other one. The funniest thing was that one of my teammates came super early and couldn't get it back up, poor guy. I wanted to go for a money shot, so I asked, and as luck would have it, the MILF was totally into it, so 4 of us all jerked off all over her face and tits.

After all of that, the two girls hopped in the shower and gave us a good show. Then we were all going out to the bars, so they said good bye and took off. This was definetly the most random hook up of my life, and now all our team is calling us "the bang brothers", it's pretty funny.

hotmale24xxx 45M
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6/28/2005 2:08 pm

So my question to you is whether or not you like to try older women than a MILF?

horsehunggiant 45M

7/24/2005 10:55 am

since there were five guys and two girls, where either of them airtight at any point?

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