I Love Jamaican beaches  

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3/17/2006 1:40 pm

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I Love Jamaican beaches

Hello all!! I guess its time I did my own little blog here so here it goes. I won a trip to Negril Jamaica recently and found out about it in mid February. I have not been actively dating or seeing any one woman in particular so I took a hunting and fishing buddy of mine that I have known for over 25 years. We drove to Des Moines on Mar. 7th and met a friend of ours from Indianola at the airport Holiday Inn and did some partying down on Court street. We had a fairly late night but we were up at 5 the next morning to make our 7:20 flight to Memphis to transfer. All went well and we were in Memphis by 9:40 then on to Jamaica. We landed in Jamaica at 1:50pm and after clearing immigration and customs we hit the bus for the trip to Negril. On the way you see a lot of poor Jamaican areas but the people all seemed happy. They have a beautiful country there. On the way our bus driver hinted around about some puff-puff my buddy said sure and the driver called on a cell phone and 5 miles later a woman was standing by the road with a large bag of fresh bud for him. The bus ride was quite a blast as they drive on the left side of the roads there so it scares the hell out of you some, they also drive pedal to the metal most of the time too. After a 2 hour bus ride we arrive at the Grand Lido Negril it shares the same gate and entry with its sister resort HedonismII. Now on the entry marquee it says Welcome Swingers week to Hedo. What was I in for? We got checked in and 40 minutes later I was sitting on my deck overlooking the beach on oceanside at the resort. Drinking Red Stripe Jamaican beer and helping my buddy destroy this huge bag of goodies he got. The first night was very eventful as we had a welcome dinner in the big terrazza dining and lounge area then a great live band played. There were women and couples everywhere and most all of them were very friendly. I met up with a group from Canada my first night, there were 4 single gals from 24-40 who were all together. I was concentrating on the 40 year olds for some companionship when one of the guys from my group came and said I was a Dumb Ass because the cute 24 year old was asking the rest of my group about me, the silver haired guy. She was from Saskatchewan and told my friends that she was looking for an older experienced man to show her a good time. Well after readjusting my sights and doing some dancing and a little more fraternizing with the gals I got an invite back to the room Colleen shared with her 40 something roomie. Once we got there about 2am or so we decided to go to the hottub at the nude beach for a nitecap. Well being as we didn't have any suits I guess it was a skinny dip hottub. There were a few others in the tub when we got there and after an hour of soaking and more drinking back to her room we went. I am happy to say that I did not dissapoint this young beauty and I was all she dreamed of having for her first older man experience. I got back to my room the next morning just after watching the sunrise on the beach for my walk back. What a wonderful first night in Jamaica....I will never forget. Sleep till 10 and back at it. Day 2 in the next Blog.

southrnpeach333 50F

3/17/2006 7:23 pm

Sounds like you had a great trip. Wonder what day two will look like.

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