A Fantasy Made Explicit  

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12/13/2005 9:27 am

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A Fantasy Made Explicit

There is always a moment. The singular moment at which one realizes the enormity of a situation. The instant of fulfillment, understanding, or gratification as the case may be. Many find that moment in release. But as I stood behind her, I experience that moment. Her wrists are tied to the legs of the dresser, this forces her to either bend over significantly or get onto her knees. As per my instructions, she is still standing. She wears a black leather corset that is loosely laced up the back, allowing the curve of her spine to show beneath her skin. In addition, she wears a simple black thong that highlights the sensual curves of her body. She has long black hair that cascades to the floor. The raven-tressed sister to Botticelli's Venus. Her face is lost in her hair. It is merely a moment, perhaps, but in this moment something within me is set free. I brush her hair over her shoulder and she turns her eyes away in respect. I whisper into her ear a single word- "tongue." Without pause, her tongue slides across the length of my cock slowly. The tip of her tongue exploring, defining the contours. I weave my hand deep into her hair and she moans slightly. I again bend down to whisper in her ear. "Mouth" I say, and she opens her luscious lips and takes me into her mouth. "Deeper" and she takes my cock into her throat. As she orally strokes me, I see occasionally flashes of red lipstick glistening with saliva on my shaft. I pull back. "Tell me what you want" I request. She flashes her blue eyes at me, only for a second. "Have me" she whispers as a reply. I run my fingertip along the edge of her thong. Such a beautiful, soft ass. Gently I slide off the thong. She is waxed, smooth, perfect. My fingertip traces every fold becoming increasingly moist. She is moaning softly. "Tell me what you want." "Please, fuck me, sir," she whispers. I placed my cock in the crack of her ass, lean onto her back and teasingly bite the back of her neck for a minute or two. It is time. Another moment. As slowly as possible, I slide into her. Her breath catches. Deeper. With one hand on her ass, I entwine my other hand in her hair and start to make love to her slowly. "Yes... sir... harder... please" she moans. And with that, all caution is gone, and I begin to fuck her. Using her hair and the laces of her corset as leverage, I fuck her hard and she bangs her ass into my cock. Harder and faster we fuck. Sweat begins to bead underneath the laces of her corset. Guttural sounds come from the mass of her hair. I hear myself moaning now as well. "YES, FUCK ME!" she yells- and I fuck her as fast and as hard as I can. Her guttural sounds increase and I know I am about to come as well. My eyes close involuntarily. I feel her straining around me. Explosions of color before my eyes. An instant where description fails and our bodies take over. A final shared moment.

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12/15/2005 9:27 am

I like..

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Me three

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