The hero I never got to meet.  

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8/3/2006 5:36 am

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The hero I never got to meet.

Yesterday I read a post by gerson42...Poll #2 MISC-OLOGY. It reminded me and inspired me to tell this true story.

I never knew Ms Bennitt in person, but mom and dad always loved her. The only things I knew about her was from what mom and dad talked about. From what I can remember she was a struggling single parent that always had bad luck. She never kept a job more than a couple months. She was an alcoholic. I think at one point she even had her kids taken away by the State. Later she got them back. I know dad use to give her money and mom would take the kids shopping at Christmas time to make sure that had something. I always thought that it was wonderful that mom and dad took this woman under their wings and helped her, but I never understood why. Of all the needy people in the world, why her? What was it about this woman that moved them so? Even when mom and dad didn't have much money themselves, they would be helping her. It was only 5 years ago that I learned why.

Apparently when I was about 5 or 6 years old, I wandered away from the house while outside playing. My mother seen me and came after me, but I must have thought it was a game and ran from her. About a ΒΌ mile up the road that we lived on, there was a main road that stayed busy. I ran out into this road. A woman that lived in a rental house nearby seen me crossing the road. She leaped off her porch and darted across the road and grabbed me up just a few heartbeats before I was to be plowed over by a dump truck. The woman saved my life and broke her arm in the process. My mother who was chasing me down the road witnessed the whole thing.

I think I cried the day my mom told me that story.

I never meet Ms Bennitt in person (although I wish I had). Mom told me this story a couple weeks before she herself died. Ms Bennitt had been gone for a number of years by then. I never did get to find out why mom never told me before.

Most people would probably look at Ms Bennitt's life and shake their head. She never amounted to anything and wasted her life with drugs and alcohol. I believe her kids ended up the same way. It's really kind of sad. People did try to help her but it didn't work. She was what she was.

Still, one unselfish act, which she preformed, saved the life of a child.
I think of her often now and pray that she is at peace. She is my hero, and I thank her for my life.

I know that this is a little serious for AdultFriendFinder but it something I really wanted to tell!

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