Trick or Treat you to my wife  

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Trick or Treat you to my wife

I called Tommy who was the first of the young men in our neighborhood to fuck my wife and he is also the one who has fucked her the most of the group. Tommy is the one who began bringing the others along and without any objections from my horny wife started turning his frinds and our neighbors onto her long before I found out. Tommy is away a college but is less than two hours away and has not fucked my wife since he left for school some four monthes ago. When I got in touch with him I ask him if I funded him a trip up would he be interested? I then told him of my plan to have her answer the door with a micro mini skirt and no panties and when he said trick or treat I would pull her skirt up the last little bit showing him her smooth twat that he had enjoyed so much the past summer. He then ask to make the trip short if he could bring along a couple of friends of his. I agreed but told him to bring only two because she would not be free all night for them to play with only three or four hours at the most. I told them to make sure to be there at nine and to park in the driveway and come to the carport door so we would be out of view from the road. At nine I ask her to go put on the outfit I had laid out for her and come back to me in the TV room. In ten minutes or so she came back in just as I was returning from meeting the boys outside who were on time and ready to play. Looking at me knowing I had something going on she started to ask but before she could I began telling her that she ha some horny trick or treaters outside and she needed to answer the doorbell when it rang and I would show them what kind of treat you had for them. Before she could speak the doorbell rang and I kind of walked her to the door. Waiting a few seconds until the bell rang again she took a deep breath and opened the door. The three boys all said at once trick or treat and my wife knew right off that Tommy was the one in front and center and smiled when he said trick or treat by himself. I then reached from behind her and lifted her skirt the final inches exposing her bald twat for the three of them to see. Tommy then reached between her legs and slid his hand over her pussy and said what a treat she had was it for all three of them or just me. My wife smiled and said its for you first and then we will see if there is any left for your friends or not. As the three of them followed her into the Tv room she sat with Tommy on the love seat while his two friends sit accross from them on the couch. I started a fuck flick on the tube but no one was watching what was going on anywhere except on the love seat. Tommy had her legs spread apart and was finger fucking her clean shaven pussy like a fucking machine. I then ask her to stand and strip her clothes off so they could see her entire body. Without hesitation she stood and stripped in a matter of seconds and Tommy had her bend over with her knees on the sofa and elbows on the back with her legs spread apart for his friends to get a view from behind. He then spread her cheeks as wide apart as he could so to open her soaked box wide for each of us to see. He then began to finger fuck her with three and was quick to go to four fingers with a touch of showmanship that I was sure he had done for others before them. I then excused myself telling the other two boys and left the room. I wanted to make the two of them more comfortable seeing they had never met us before. Before I could get to my place of viewing them upstairs both of them were naked and stroking their cocks while standing right behind the two of them on the sofa. I heard Tommy ask them which one wanted to fuck her soaked pussy while the other one could step around to the back of the sofa for a blow job second to none. Ben stepped right in behind he and took the head of his hard cock and began slidding it up and down her wet slit. Wendall in no time was standing with his cock right in front of her face and she had a hand rubbing it up and down for him. Ben then buried his thick hard cock in one thrust all the way to his balls and started plowing in and out of her soaked snatch wild wild hard strokes. It took her a few minutes to get herself calm from the stabbing she was getting to start sucking on Wendalls huge pole. It took Ben less than five minutes to bury his load deep inside her hungry pussy and when he pulled out Tommy plug her hole with his extra thick shaft that she knew very well. Tommy gave her a great fucking for the next ten minutes until he asked Wendall to switch with him. In a quick as you wink switch Wendall was balls deep and pounding her pussy as hard as he could until in a shorter time than his friend shot his load inside her pussy adding it to his friends. As he pulled out from her drenched pussy Tommy guided her to the floor on top of a balnket lying her on her back and getting between her long legs and buried his cock to his balls on the first stroke. Tommy then had her by the ankles with her legs spread as wide as he could and still stay inside her well fucked pussy. He then asked Wendall to stand and hold her ankles from behind him keeping them spread as far as she could stand it. Ben then straddled her face as he slid his cock inside her mouth with his balls rubbing over her face and began to fuck her mouth much like he had fucked her pussy. Both of her young cocksmen fucked her steady this way until both almost at the same time shot their loads into her waiting holes. Tommy buried the third load into her soaked twat while Ben shot his load down her throat with some of his jism shooting out each side of her mouth and ran down to her shoulders. She managed to swallow most of his hot jism and what she missed she scooped up with her fingers and licked it from them. For the next two hours she fucked and sucked all three of them till each had cum in her mouth,on her tits and in her pussy for the second time before they called it a night and had to get back since they were two hours away. I walked them to the door with each of them thanking us for a wild and great time. As I closed the door and walked back to were my wife was still lying on the floor with jims from her three boy toys all over her tits and dried around her mouth. She also had a stream of hers and theirs love juice running from her well fucked pussy down the inside of her legs onto the blanket that had a huge wet spot in the middle. She had treated the boys for just about three hours of fucking and sucking and was invited to their next party at the frat house in a couple of weeks. We will see if she attends or not. Until next chapter

MrBlacknasty69 42M

11/10/2005 8:00 am

I have to admit reading your blogs blows my mind and makes me want to meet your wife more and more. I've seem to always miss out on my chances too. Hopefully that will one day change.

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