Sex and no time to talk  

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Sex and no time to talk

I set up a large surprise for my wife last Friday and it went just as I had planned. I talked to a friend of a friend about some construction work for our house. Dave had a large company with several different crews at his disposal. I never intented for any work to be done on our house but wanted to see if one of his crews wanted to work for a night between my wifes legs. After meeting with Dave and when he got over the shock of what I wanted we started discussing how to get her done. I checked out each of his seven crews and settled on the third one we seen. All of them except one was a married man which I think keeps the talk way down to we hope none. I also did not know any of the crew and when we gathered them in his meeting room that evening to see if they wanted the job it was awarked going about explaining the job at hand. There were five men on the crew the oldest one was 41 and in great shape married with three kids and a wife of 17 years. Two were in their early thirties both married with one kid. One was married for 3 years with a kid on the way and was 26. The last one was a 21 year old well built black man with muscles from head to toe. After each of them believed it for a real deal they all made a pact and said they were in. This is how the night went and it was perfect from start to finish. Harriet arrived home at five thirty and I had her bath waiting and when she finished her bath her dinner was waiting. After she was finished with dinner she went into the bedroom and put on a pair of running silk shorts and a t-shirt with a pair of socks and her running shoes. I then handcuffed her with some I had bought and blindfoled her and led her out to my truck that was parked in our garage. She was quite ansey being bound and blindfolded and asked several times were we were going. I told her she was to find out in a few minutes to be ready for the sexual evening of her life. As I turned down the dirt road several miles from home and headed in the woods on a farm of a friend I had asked permission from I told her that she was going to remain as she was and five men who she did not know or had ever met was on their way to gangbang her in the woods until they were done with her. Harriet was shaking with the knowledge of what was fixing to happen to her. I told her not to even try to say no because it was in motion and she had no choice but to give her crew want they wanted. As I stopped and opened her door she ask me to take her back home and not leave her in the woods helpless to any one who found her there. I pulled her from the truck and walked her over to a tree and threw a pope over a branch and through her cuffs leaving her hands above her head with her body exposed to what ever was going to happen. Just as she began asking me to let her go we heard a car getting closer very quick. Harriet was almost pleading with me by the time the car stopped near to us and several car doors slammed and she could hear people walking toward us. She was moving around trying to get a fix on who and how many people that was lokking at her helpless self and knowing that she was getting fucked by each and ever one of her bystanders. I then broke the silence and told the crew that this was their pay for a job well done and to use her to their pleasure any way they wished for the next four hours. I would be back to get her at that time but until then she was theirs to please them sexually any way they wished. I then reached and ripped her t-shirt from her chest with one jerk of it exposing her small but firm tits and her nipples were hard and sticking out like hard buds trying to pop thru her skin. I then grabbed her shorts by the waist and jerked them to her ankles with one motion and told her to step out of them leaving her clad in only her shoes and socks. Her bald twat was shining in the sinking day light that was left. I then told them bye and jumped in and drove off in my truck until I was out of sight and sound. I pulled over and walked back the half mile I had covered . As I got back to the spot I had left themor close enough to see she was still exposed like I had left her with all five of them around her and playing with a part of her body. Each took turns sucking her tits and fingering her pussy and playing with her ass and then each started to undress and rubbing their hard cocks all over every part of her body they could. They took her off the rope and had her bend over and suck each of their cocks one after the other until she went all the way around the circle. When she was sucking on one the other one or two behind her was finger fucking her pussy or working on her tits pinching and pulling them as hard as she could stand it. Each one from time to time would slap her ass as she went around until her ass cheeks began to glow red after several licks by all five. After some thirty minutes of her going round and round and heavy quilt was laid down and she was placed on all fours with her hands still cuffed they took the rope and bound her with it to a tree stump in front of her. With her ass straight up and her on her elbows Kevin the black man got between her legs and spread her ass cheeks as far as he could so each of them could look up inside her almost. He then kepted her legs spread and took his mammoth cock and spanked her ass cheeks with his cock until she had been spanked well with his hard pole. WITH THE OTHER FOUR CHEERING HIM ON KEVIN PLACED HIS BLACK BATTERING RAM WITH ITS LARGE CARMEL HEAD AT HER OPENING AND BEGAN TO BURY IT INCH BY INCH UNTIL IT WAS ALMOST GONE. hE THEN PULLED IT ALL THE WAY OUT AND STUCK JUST THE HEAD BACK IN AND STOPPED FOR A FEW SECONDS. He then thrust foward until her was buried balls deep as u could her them slap her clit in the night air. Kevin then began plowing her pussy with long hard strokes pulling all the way out except for his carmel colored head and then pounding it back till his large balls slapped her clit each time he buried it. He picked up his pace with every thrust until he was driving his cock in so hard he was pushing her foward with each stroke. The other four watched him give her a fucking like none of them had ever seen. His dark black pole shining with her juices was easliey seen in the moon light. Kevin plowed her cunt apart for the next twenty five minutes as she tried to hold her ground. There was a lot of talk and coaxing both of them on as my wife began to give it back as hard as she was getting it. Kevin ebony monster was thick as a beer can and was rumored to be a little over a foot long. They were amazed at how she took it all with out a fuss and Kevin really enjoyed her being able to take him so he did not have to work it in. While he pounded her twat apart he slapped her ass and talked smack to her telling her she had great pussy and how hot it was. He also made her tell him what his cock felt like slidding in and out of her gaping open pussy. He all of a sudden gave her a real hard stab ramming his cock as deep as he could get and holding her by the waist started to empty his balls deep into my wifes huge hole. Kevin pulled his cock from her double wide hole sending his jism spurting from her gaping hole and fell to her side. I had never seen a pussy so gaping open I bet u could have placed a golf ball in her opening without touching her twat at all. Over the next three hours she was fucked in every hole by each of her crew men. Her asshole during the night was strecthed as open as her pussy. When they were done with my wife it looked as if she had just one huge gaping hole between her legs. She was fucked in all three holes at once more than five times and was covered in cum inside and out from mouth to ankles. The inside of her legs was covered with dry jism all the way to her knees. The crew counted up how many loads they dropped on or in her in the four hour fuck -a-thon with it adding up to twenty two different loads they showered her with. Toward the end Kevin fuck her tits with his huge rod slidding it accross her face with each stroke until her covered her tits and face with a large load of black jism. When I got back she was a fucked out slut who did not want any more. I loaded her cum drenched naked body into my truck and took her back to our house with nothing except cum covering her body. It gets even better as we catch up on our sexual adventures

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8/13/2005 3:40 pm

wish that was me!

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