Lunch special today is my wifes three holes filled  

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6/13/2005 8:37 am

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Lunch special today is my wifes three holes filled

In about 45 minutes my over fucked wife will be home for lunch and she wil find out that she is the main course. Jeff has been fucking her and seeing to it that some of his friends is getting his leftovers so to speak. Tom is with him as we speak another friend of his that he works with. He will be the third of his work co-horts that he has brought over to sample my wifes well fucked pussy. Kevin was yesterday new cock and my what a cock he has. He came back again early this morning and took his second helping of her social twat. Jeff has told me that with in the next few weeks all 12 of his work mates will get between my wifes legs so he can keep her pussy from straying to the other side again. In the last ten days she has had very little time when her legs were not spread with a hard cock between them. Harriet as I said before has been the most fucked woman in the world the past ten days with no sign of a change. Jeff will either meet her at the door or call just before she arrives and her panties will hit the floor. She is his fuck slave and she loves being stuffed by his mammoth cock so much she will do as he tells her. Tom like Kevin is in for the time of his sexual life in a few minutes. She will let him bury his cock to his balls in all three holes and keep him hard when he has already lost several loads. I will say she will be late for work because it will be at least a two hour fucking and sucking. Before I leave to watch Kevin has just called and made a reservation for lunch just now. He also ordered the special. Will give reviews after lunch crowd has left

relly89 32M
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6/13/2005 9:26 am

hello my name is relly89

johndeereguy2 48M
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6/13/2005 9:42 am

That is very Hot!! She sounds like a complete Horndog. Would luv to find out more and cum see her

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