Getting In Charge Of It All  

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8/12/2005 10:48 am

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Getting In Charge Of It All

While my wife was getting over her membership interview by the black board members I went to visit the young mens club president again. Tommy was to leave for school the next day so we had a serious talk about the direction of the neighborhood boys club. I told him to call an emergency meeting for nine that night and we would go over the changes that we had agreed upon. At nine 51 of the 78 members had showed up and I told Tommy to wait another 15 minutes for the late ones this time only. Nine more arrived to bring the total to 60 young men and we shut the doors to the club house. Our community has a club house and pool for all to use if it is signed out to the person who is a homeowner of the community. I had signed for it so maybe some figured it out and did not attend. The ones who did not attend were no longer in the club and would have to pay a penalty fee for reinstatement. Tommy started the meeting with a few things we had agreed to and then turned the meeting over to me. Some of the boys sat in shock but none tried to run out or sneak out as I began to put them at ease. I assured them that I was fine with what had been going on and my wife and I had talked about every thing that had happened and what was to happen in the future. I then laid out the clubs by-laws to which each was to abide by or he would be dismissed with no chance of reinstatement at any time. Each had to pay a ten dollar club fee for the year and for each year there after. Each had to log in to the club journal which was now held by me every time they fucked a neighborhood married lady. It was to be kepted in detail like it had been started and the rule started now with no back logging to be done. The fee also covered each member that set up a party of any kind to be approved by me that needed a woman for stripping or sex at the price of 200 bucks an hour would receive 20 percent with the rest going into the clubs operating fund. I would only approve one party every three months with four a year the limit. When I was finished all 60 boys paid their dues and then we had a door prize drawing for two of the most lucky ones there. Terry and David two rising high school seniors whos dads went to school with my wife was to follow me home for a two hour bedroom time with my wife. Both had only been there one time each so they were excited to have won her as the prize. As the meeting closed I told them we would meet once a month on the first Tuesday of every month at this same place unless told other wise. When I arrived home with the two boys Harriet was watching TV with a white lace teddy with garters and stockings lying on the sofa. I told her that these two young men had won her as the door prize and had two hours with her to do as they wished. She ask for each one to sit on either side of her and in no time she had their hard cocks out stroking them and then sucking on them back and forth. Harriet fucked and sucked each one to a quick climax then sucked each one till he was hard again. She then ask one to fuck her pussy while the other fucked her ass. After each one got in and their rythem got in synch both fucked her for the next 10 minutes until Terry who was on top had to get off because his legs were tired. She rode David as Terry laid to her side playing with her tits. David then blowed his third load into her pussy and when he finished she rolled off to his side asking Terry if he wanted to finish fucking her ass. He then mounted her from behind as she slid a pillow under her stomach hiking her ass up to give him a better angle to pound her ass. Terry slid his hard cock all the way to his balls in no time and started to pound her ass with long hard strokes. After about five minutes of hard pounding her ass he shot his load up her ass giving her some hot jism in each of her holes at once. As both of them dressed she thanked them for a god fucking and invited them back any time. As they walked out the door I looked at my wife of 26 years with young cum running out her pussy and ass and told her how much I loved her being a slut and she said not as much as she loved me letting her be one. Fucking continued later


8/23/2005 5:14 pm

Where have you been?? The highlight of my nights is reading your latest post. Dont leave me hanging now, please!!

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