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As I told my wife Sunday night that since it was a holiday on Monday her contract so to speak was extended until that night. She laughed at me but said that was fine so what was my command. I told her to wait until I returned and went to our bedroom. I then began picking out her attire for our next game. I chose a short blue jean skirt with a little slit up the front and a pink pull over shirt. I then found a pair of pink crotchless panties with matching little flimsey see thru bra. I also picked out a pair of black sandels for her footwear. I then called for her to come to our room and get dressed for her night out. As she dressed I explained what I wanted her to do for our night out. Sonn as she was dressed we left for the little town just accross the state line but only about 45 minutes away. When we arrived at one of the local hangouts I told her to wait several minutes before she was to come in giving me time to check and make sure that the joint looked as if it would work out for our game. If I was not back in 5 minutes for her to come on in. As I entered the little bar I could tell it was very much a local hangout. There was one pol table and 11 guys ranging in age from 25 to 40 with no women present. I sit at the bar and ordered a beer asking the barkeep if they had any entertainment for the night. He kind of looked funny before saying what you see is what you get. I then told him my wife was to join me in several minutes and that she was going to put a spark in the air. Gazing at me a little but before he could speak my wife walked in looking as if she was shopping for sex and walked by several of the men to the bar and asked if I had her a drink ready. I told her the bartender was just getting it. He asked her what she liked to drink and almost without taking his eyes off of her got it as quick as he could. Harriet then walked over to the pool table and ask if anyone wanted to shoot a game. Two guys who were already playing cleared the table and as one of them racked the balls cut throat was the game agreed upon. Letting my wife do the honors she made a low ball on the break. As she moved around the table looking for her next shot every eye in the place was fixed on her body. When she decided which shot to take she bent over the table from the bar side giving me and every man at the bar a clear view of her legs right up to the bottems of her pink panties. On the other side they were viewing her perk little tits with her nipples stuck out about a half inch or so throuh her bra. Harriet lost on the final shot but let each of us enjoy her beautiful body from every angle possible. After she won the next game while not interfering with the body show she was givingshe said to rackum while she went to the ladies room. When Harriet returned to the room she walked up to me and handed me her panties that she had removed. I then told the other two players that the ante just went up to ten each from them and my wifes panties for her. Both reached straight for their wallets as I stepped over and laid her panties on the side of the table. My wife then made a couple on the break and had to reach accross the table for the next shot. Bending and leaning over with one foot on the floor and her other leg laid accross the end of the table showing her bald pussy to each of us at the bar. You could hear a pin drop as she stayed splayed out in her pose for close to a minute giving all a great view. First one out was gone from the game and the final two would play for the championship. One of the men played out first and then my wife finished putting her in the game of winner takes all. As Lee put his ten up for the next game he asked what we were going to ante up with. I then asked him to walk over to me and I told him in a quite voice as he leaned over that we had a van in the parking lot and that if he won he could have 30 minutes in our van with my wife. Le stood back from me with a smile on his face and said deal, As he broke making two he almost ran the table leaving only two of his on the table. My wife then made two of hers while flashing her twat for all to see again. Harriet then missed and Lee made his last two and looked straight over at me as he picked up her panties and the money from the table. Harriet then walked over to me and I told her what I had put up as our ante. Without saying a word I handed her the keys and she took Lee by the hand and walked out the door to pay up. Details on our next chapter

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That was beautiful-enjoyed every line ! ........ *sits and waits for the next chapter to arrive*

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