Ladies night part 2  

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7/10/2006 7:50 am

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Ladies night part 2

The group of friends and the bride include some fairly well known women, with reputations to uphold, I'm probably the least public face amongst them. So, it was a bit of a shock to find they had organised a visit to a strip club for us all. As the maid of honour, perhaps I should have been keeping an eye on the bride's behaviour, which is another reason why they didn't tell me before we got there.
The club was almost exclusively ours for the night, save for a few women who were serving us drinks and a female compere, who announced the proceedings in a husky mid-European accent. We had the place to ourselves to all intents and purposes, so this may have meant we were a little less inhibited than we would have been if people had been likely to recognise us.
The male dancers were shedding their clothes with possibly a little more gusto and bravado than female strippers do, I wouldn't know. But within minutes they were all naked, and the little boxes on the top of the tables were unlocked. I poured myself more champagne in an effort to reduce the rather high temperature I was suddenly experiencing and when I looked up I found a semi-erect penis level with my eyes. The dancer grinned down at me and gestured to his impressive member, but I shook my head and he moved to a friend. She was less troubled by whatever prevented me from obliging him, and took hold of his cock with both hands. Within seconds he was completely hard, (a rather large hard)and gyrating in front of her face, at which point she took his cock in her mouth. Good grief, this woman has 3 children and makes cakes for the hospital fete, and here she was enthusiastically providing fellatio for a stripper!
I looked at the stage, where a friend had been persuaded to sit on a chair whilst she received the male version of a lap dance, a male body swinging hips, and thrusting at her. This finally moved to her taking him in her mouth too, but this time, one of the erstwhile stewardesses removed my friend's shirt, leaving her topless, kneeling in front of a stripper sucking his penis. She was doing it rather well too if the look on his face was anything to go by. Soon all my friends, the bride too, were involved in various acts of carnal pleasure with the strippers, clothes discarded, semi-naked women totally enjoying the naked male bodies. As I saw panties being thrown away to allow the men access to female bodies, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and that my smattering of the requisite language would be enough to secure me a taxi back to the hotel. No-one took any notice of me as I quietly stood and made for the exit, or so I thought. Halfway across the floor my way was barred by a naked giant who I had not noticed before. In broken English he said 'where you go? you not enjoyed man yet', and swept me up into his arms and pinned me against his chest. Quite a novel and rather exciting experience for a woman who is almost 6' tall and pretty muscular! He carried me to the side of the room where there was a leather covered sofa, and laid me down, and I found myself between him and another stripper. All the others were occupied with 2 or more women, so it was a bit daunting to have 2 to myself. I wondered what was a bout to happen to me, but surrendered to caresses and kisses.
To be continued

T_A_B_75 41M

7/10/2006 8:13 am

Sounds like trouble. I hope this has a happy ending.

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