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8/29/2006 12:38 am

The most delicious man just left. He has been here for 2 1/2 hours and although I could go for more...I am satisfied. This man is amazing. Wow.

The Mr has been dealing with a lot of sh*t at work, and has been 'taking it in the ass' for weeks. They just keep throwing it at him and he keeps taking it cuz that is the kind of guy he is. Well, I figured he would need a special kind of release...one where he can give it to someone else in the ass. So I sent him over to his favorite playmate's house to have a good time and give someone something to think about... He came home and wanted to thank me proper...before playing...but all i did was kiss him cuz i would rather be his last cum than his first. Semanics I know but he was all over me and I liked it!

So the Mr left to go play and my 'new' playmate came over to have fun. Same guy as our last 3sum (see 'fellatio-licious'). I wanted to have him all to myself and have a session with only him. He shows up about 20 min after the Mr leaves and the basement is all set up - candles, futon reclined, small bag-o-toys with 6 condoms... and a very wet set of panties.

So we get to kissing for a time when he comes over and spend time probing each others' mouths with our tongues. i licked his lips a few times, sucked his tongue and lips, etc. He returned the favor...

I move down to remove his jeans...turns out they were button-fly jeans! *purrrrr* Although I had never ripped a pair open, he was gracious enough to show me how and within moments he was nakie from the waist down. His cock standing at attention, i move to lick him. Starting at the base of his balls, my tongue slides over his balls and up his hard shaft to the tip. I goback and lick him base to tip again. And then i start a 20 minute blow job of epic proportions. I have only done more elaborate bjs for the Mr. Understandably. I tried to put his cock into the back of my mouth as many times as I could...my gag reflex was in overdrive tonight, so I could not deep-throat as much as I would like, but he still seemed to enjoy himself. My mouth was taking in his engorged inches, my tongue massaging his cock for all it was worth. i would suck up to the tip and swirl my tongue around the tip, then plunging my mouth deep onto his cock again. He made some happy noises here and there, and complemented my style. I love that! And throughout it all...to my delight...he played with and tugged at my hair *swoon*. Nothing gets me more relaxed and willing to do things to people than that!

The ensuing 40 minutes was just amazing. My jaw was beginning to hurt, so I went up and kissed him again for a long time...till he told me that my jeans were impeding his progress, and i took them off along with my shirt and bra and panties. We lay on the futon, kissing and snuggling. He lays me down in a certain way and touches my slit...i am dripping wet. He comments on it and moves in to lick me good. His tongue slides all around in me and he locks on my clit a few times...sucks it, licks it, flicks it. Then he uses his fingers...*GUSH* omg it was wonderful.

This guy eats my pussy for what seems like a short eternity. It was a long time, but after the fact felt like it flew by. I was so wet form having cum a few times...and it is time for penetration. My anticipation makes me juicier!

I love initial penetration...no matter how many times i have had sex...no matter who it is...condom or not...initial penetration is Heaven on Earth...especially when he proloings it with a slow entry. I can feel the inches sliding inside me, pushing my tight pussy open to accept the man's hard cock. My back arches slightly...so good. He slides inside me, in and out, good and slow. My pussy clenches and releases around his cock as he thrusts in and pulls out...making me feel each and every inch of his hard, magnificent cock. I cum a couple of times in this position whle he is giving my breasts his utmost attention, and we kiss deeply.

I ask him if I can be on top. We kiss and move into the position. I slide his cock into my warm, wet pussy and pump up and down. He pulls my breasts to his mouth and nibbles and licks and sucks. He puts his hands on my hips and helps me rock back and forth.

I ask him how he wants to cum and we maneuver back to a missionary position. He strokes faster than before...feels so good...thrusting and banging into my hips. Within a few minutes, he is clutching at me and cumming hard. He collapses on me and i conract my pussy around him for a minute. We separate, and lie next to each other for a while, chatting and basking in that 'just-fucked-feeling' glow.

After about 10 min, he climbs on top of me again, and i can feel his cock growing against my leg. I get hot for him again...he fucks me hard doggie-style. I reach under and feel his balls slapping my lips, then brush my clit with my fingers and cum again.

I roll over and he enters me again. Feels so good. He pounds me and i arch my back...squeeze his thrusting cock with my pussy...he says he is going to cum...he pulls out, strokes his now-latex-free cock and cums on my stomach. My fingers slide along my clit...stimulating myself. The man cumming on my skin makes me so hot...i had to touch myself. I rubbed and stroked...moved his empty cock onto my clit and rubbed until i came a little.

We clean up and realize that we have been playing for about 2 1/2 hours, and the Mr should be home any minute. A quick goodbye kiss and lingering hug later and he is gone and I am left to blog.

The Mr came home, happy but exhausted, and we talked about each play session. The Mr played with my breasts, played with my hair...made me feel so loved before he went to bed. This is why I love him so...he is so sweet and caring and considerate.

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