Multiple Os...  

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5/16/2006 9:24 pm

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5/23/2006 9:08 am

Multiple Os...

Last night I was so horny. I was contacting everyone I knew in town that might also come over for our first ever threesome. The one I wanted so badly had a prior commitment and so he had to miss out. *pout* I want him!!!

Anyway, so the Mr gets home and i shower. He plays with my breasts from outside the shower then we go to bed. We kiss. And kiss. And kiss. I could have kissed him all night. Soft kisses...deep kisses...short kisses...tongue flicking kisses...lip-sucking kisses...mmmmmm. I ask him to get me wet, so he kisses down my body. He nuzzles into my lips and licks me...flicks my clit and I am getting so wet. He touches my asshole a few good. My hips are grinding into his head. He comes up and goes for a breast...but i pull his face toward me and kiss him again...eaing all my juices from his face. He goes down again and lapps up a mouthful and brings it back to my mouth for me to taste. I taste good...

He slides his cock deep into legs spread wide and my knees go up to my chest. Mr fucks me deep and slow...then harder...and harder...harder ! He bangs his hips into mine...slamming his cock into my wet, hot pussy. He stops so that I can milk his cock with my pussy muscles. I squeeze and release...over and over on his hard, thick cock. He starts thrusting again and pounds me tight pussy till we cum was amazing...

Then he cleans up and comes back. We talk a while and he admits he is hungry for more...I agree and so I mount him and grind my hips into his cock, bouncing up and down on him. He says he wants to take me from behind...doggy style...*drip* oh yes I love it. So I dismount and stick my heinie up in the air like a good little girl. He pounds away till I scream into my pillow that i am having another orgasm. He grabs my hips, pulls me into his cock so it is deep and hard and releases his load into my wet, hot pussy. I was so satisfied...i sunk to the bed and fell asleep right away. Did not even clean up...I passed out. I had the sweetest dreams of him pounding my ass all night long that I woke up horny!!!

colosprings54 62F

5/17/2006 8:19 pm

Damm my timing sucks

fluffychic78 38M/37F

5/18/2006 10:27 am

LOL - oh man I was so hot that night. The Mr actually said he wanted a man to be at the house when he got home. I was frantic! I was asking men left and right. Did not have any girl friends to ask...LOL...apparently I had made too many boy friends here!

And now his mood for another man is gone (he is not bi but he wants to see me taken by another man). So i have to wait until he is ready to have me defiled by another man before I can get another night like that....

discreet3628 50M

5/22/2006 2:45 pm

Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to meet you yet. But then again,... who knows what the future holds??

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