More naughtiness...*giggle*  

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4/29/2006 1:13 pm

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5/1/2006 6:46 pm

More naughtiness...*giggle*

Last night was nearly a repeat of the night before. I had been chatting online with a nice young man, and to be honest I was really horney when I went to bed. I thouthe the Mr was asleep, and since I am a filure at masturbating I was going to just have to forget any luvin. But as I came to bed, the Mr had been reading Penthouse Letters and was also...ummm...excited.

At first we played it cool...trying to get to sleep. It was already past midnight and we both had to be up with the kids by 7:30am. This last week has been so full of sex that we figured we could go ONE night without...right? Wrong...

He pulled out the Good Head and I rubbed it onto the tip of his waiting cock. I began to lick at it, massaging the gel over his cock and down into my throat. That stuff works like a charm to numb the gag reflex...his cock was so deep I had to pull off to breathe. I could almost lick his balls...mmmmm. I massaged his cock with my tongue as my warm mouth posted up and down. Gently, i would scrape my teeth along the shaft. He ran his fingers through my long blonde hair and guided my head deeper and deeper onto his rock solid cock.

I pulled off for a breather and gently nibbled and nuzzled at his balls. I nibbled my way back up the shaft and again impaled my mouth on him. I licked and sucked and enjoyed every moment, as my breasts brushed his legs. I loved the feel of his hands pushing my head into his cock, making me go deeper than I have ever been able to take it before. His hairless cock seemed to go on forever...mmmmm. My tongue could not let him alone...his cock just draws me to it.

When the good head wore off, we switched and he nuzzled and nibbled my breasts for a time. Then, he went down on me again but did something different...last night he sucked on my clit instead of just licking He decided to aid my orgasm by lubing up one of our jelly dildos and ramming it into me while he licked and sucked and nuzzled my clit. It was amazing.

Again, I begged him to fuck me and he took me from behind and pounded me hard, while I was groaning in pleasure and screaming into my pillow...i am such a lucky wife...

col975 49M  
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4/30/2006 7:46 pm

Man that was fucking hot. Your writing is getting better all the time. I need to leave the room to 'take care of my self'. Keep on writing and I will keep on reading

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