Last Night Was SO Hot!  

fluffychic78 38M/37F
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4/28/2006 1:22 pm

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5/1/2006 6:51 pm

Last Night Was SO Hot!

Ok so I am chatting online last night with a local group. Most of us in there were women, so we were exchanging fellatio stories. the Mr went off to the store to pick up some necessities...he got a Good Head sample pack, the latest issue of Penthouse Letters, and a bottle of Sex Tarts Strawberry punch flavor....yeah, you know this is going somewhere...

First off, I decided I wanted to suck on the Mr's berries, and so we decided to Nair his downstairs. That took about 8 minutes, and he showered. So after that, I lay him down on our bed and begin to moisten his cock with my mouth. I suck on his balls for the first time ever...I have wanted to do that since we got married...and it felt really good.

I break out the Sex Tarts is very thin, liquidy stuff...and i drizzle it on his manhood. Because it is running down the shaft and between his balls, I start to lap it up, and spread the lube with my tongue over his entire cock and berries. I was licking him for a long, sweet time. I gathered his balls in my mouth and sucked softly for a while, then went back to deep throating his shaft. I licked, sucked, and milked it for all it was worth. It was a wonderful experience. I love him hairless...I can play with so much more...

Then it was my turn. He put a little Sex Tarts on my nipples and nuzzled and sucked and caressed them while fingering my clit. He petted my clit and tugged gently on my nipples to the point where I almost felt so good... Then he went down on me and lapped at my clit for a time while fingering me...*gush* it felt amazing. I was fondling my own breasts, tugging my nipples, and writhing in ecstacy...I told him to fuck me...and boy did he fuck me.

My legs went in the air and he pounded my pussy like I love it...hard and fast...he filled me up with his hot, sweet juice...and we throbbed together.

After that, i took a good long shower and fell asleep so was a great night.

col975 49M  
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4/28/2006 10:49 pm

That was pretty fucking hot, and no cuts either LOL

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