I need a "DONE" stamp....:)  

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5/31/2006 10:46 pm

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8/26/2006 7:46 am

I need a "DONE" stamp....:)

I have officially been deflowered by another man...LOL. It all came about cuz i was cybering tuesday night and the Mr went to bed and woke up a little pissed. He was hoping I would come to bed with him and have some real sex...LOL...when I on the other hand found that the snores coming from the bedroom was a little indicative that he needed sleep.

So I told him that I would be waiting for him when he came home...naked on the bed...waiting to do his bidding. He mentioned having another man there....I verified he was serious and checked my yahoo IM, scanning for an available man...I was already chatting with one I had been wanting for a short while (and had recently met briefly). He is older and very desirable. I asked him...and he agreed to come over!! We made a time and stuff and exchanged numbers...in case something came up.

Due to a weird twist of fate I was not working tonight and I still took the kids to my mom's so we had the house to ourselves for a few hours. I stopped by the Mr's work and we had a very very very brief sex session on his desk....i bent over and he took me hard and fast...i was there maybe 5 min. We were both nervous and excited and horny thinking of our first ever time with someone outside the marital bonds. I gave the Mr a lingering kiss...and took off home to take a quick shower to get ready for the Man....

I am out of the shower and brushing my hair when i hear a tap at the door...it is the Man...my tummy flutters...I try to play it cool as I let him in. He hands me a bottle of wine (o crap i do not have wine glasses!!!) and i put it in the fridge. We head down to the basement where we have a nice futon and coffee table ((our basement is finished))....and we sit and talk and wait and wait and wait for the Mr to arrive. Tension....oh my yes. We laughed nervously and talked about nothing and everything. At one point he stroked my hand and held it. It felt good. He took the other a few minutes later and it also felt good. I leaned over and snuggled into his chest...i fit and it felt good. At last! The Mr is heard creaking on the floorboards above...we get up and head up the stairs so that the Mr can meet the man who is going to take his wife to new heights...

We go back downstairs and sit down again....talking more and learning about the Man. The Mr and the Man got to talking so well (and i was sitting between them) that I sunk down so they could talk over my head....and then I stretched out across their laps with my legs across the Man's lap and my head in the Mr's lap. The Man stroked my legs....while talking to the Mr. The Mr stroked my hair and fondled my breasts. The Mr unzipped my jeans and revealed my black lace panties....after a few minutes the Man started stroking my panties....and reaching into my pants to touch my pussy...it was nice. I lifted my hips to his finger. The Mr pulled my shirt up and popped a breast out of my bra. The Mr then told the Man to remove my pants...and he DID. and i liked it. He removed my panties. and i liked it.

The Mr kissed me passionately and pinched my nipples and i felt a mouth nuzzling my slit...i suddenly got wet....the Man's tongue searched and flicked in and out of my slit...finding my clit and locking in on it. The next say 20 min....i lost track of time....was a whirlwind of fierce sucking and licking and tongue-flickering. I lost count of how many little orgasms I had...I had 2 big ones. I have never thought I liked it rough - i am always telling the Mr to go lighter, be softer...but the Man was sucking my clit SO HARD and it hurt SO GOOD. I would want to push him away but then go into a little O and pull him back toward my clit. He nuzzled and licked and flicked....he fingerfucked me too...rolling his fingers around in my wet pussy. I have no idea how long he did that but it was great. The entire time the Mr was kissing me and sucking my nipples. I got him up and gave him a BJ after a while but the oral on me was so good i had to cry out on occasion and it did not work with the Mr's cock in my mouth. So he went back to kissing me....mmmmmmmm.

After a lot of O's....*gush* I said i need a break. the Man sat up and the Mr went to get a few glasses of water. We drank and the Man mentioned I should go down on the Mr for a while. So the Mr sits on the futon/couch and I kneel down next to him, my heinie to the Man and I start to suck on the Mr. My tongue is massaging him and my lips are engulfing him.

I feel the Man's fingers slipping and sliding in my pussy. I arch my back to make my pussy more accessable and spread my legs more. Sucking on my husband's cock with a relatively strange man fingering my pussy...very very hot. the Man then gets naked, on his back....slides his head between my legs.....o god yes....he eats me while i am sucking my husband. Wow. the Mr gestures for me to 69 the Man and says he will penetrate me from behind while it is happening. We do...I start sucking on the Man as he is eating me and i feel the Mr sliding his cock into me. He fucks me for a few but decides it is too awkward with his balls so close to another man's head...lol.

the Man slides out from under me and we take a break. I go back o giving my husband a bj on my knees while he sits on the futon again. the Man fingers me deeply and penetrates alternately. He fingered me so well i could not tell the difference...it was rough, hard sex and I just had to have another orgasm....

I would suck on my Mr's cock without moving myself and the force of the Mr from behind me, fucking me created a nice motion and the Mr almost came in my mouth many times...we wanted to prolong the pleasure and so i would pull off as he got close, and take him back into my mouth when he calmed down.

My cell phone rings....it is my mom...time to pick up the kids. DAMN! lol the Man insists the Mr get off inside my pussy ((and who are we to argue? LO) so the Mr lays me on the floor and begins to fuck me with my legs in the air. The Man fondles my breasts....sucks the nipples and pinches them...massaging them so well...mmmmmm. the Mr and I cum at the same time and I lay on the floor...totally satisfied and exhausted. We clean up, hug and say goodnight and I fully plan to do it with him again.

The best part: the Mr and I talked and we are OS going to do it again. We are so excited about this breakthrough!!! LOL YAY! I can finally break out the LIST....

lightningbaby3 46M/30F

6/1/2006 5:30 pm

about time.whew.fluffy you should write for Forum magazine,you have a mind for sin.i hope you had a good time and cant wait to hear of you first girl on girl...drool.keep in touch sexy...because it seems i cant add you back well.be safe and have fun. Mark and Bo

rm_playtime6030 40M
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6/1/2006 11:55 pm

I am so pleased you got to live out this fantasy. Congrats. It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself and found someone who knew what they were doing in that situation and that makes all the difference.
The images of you writhing in pleasure are very sexy and I can just imagine you moaning and gasping as you enjoy two men. What else do you have planned now you naughty girl..he says with a smile...

fluffychic78 38M/37F

6/3/2006 10:41 pm

awwww...you boys are too sweet!!! And Angel...yesssss....a rAAAMMMmpaaage...*bbbwwwaaahahahahahahhahah*

justjimcolo 60M
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6/6/2006 4:07 pm

Well Fluffy, I'm so glad you had an enjoyable time as well and hope you have many many more fun times. I just hope it was as good as you hoped it would be and hopefully the lucky guy will be able to see you again soon...

fluffychic78 38M/37F

6/6/2006 5:48 pm


mmmm-hhmmmm oral....

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