I've got the URGE...hehe  

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8/9/2006 3:48 am

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8/23/2006 9:17 am

I've got the URGE...hehe

I feel the urge to blog about last night (monday). I was feeling horny for the first real time in a real long time but the Mr and I had not gotten much sleep sunday night because i worked till 3am and he waited up for me. So we were exhausted and tiding the house when i slipped off to put on a neglige I had gotten a few weeks before, put my clothes on, and went back to assist with cleaning up.

I suggest...ever so casually (i was proud of myself) that we go 'downstairs' and watch 'tv.' We can only order certain PPV channels in our basement, which is nice and finished so no big deal. The Mr caught my drift and agreed. We head downstairs, he purchases a 3 hour block of 5 channels...and we get nakie to watch. It is so much more fun to watch porn naked.

We get to watching some girl-on-girl pussy eating. Now, I have always found myself attracted to girls...but these girls were girls I would never look at in public - they were so obviously in the porn industry...huge boobs that were fake, platinum-blonde hair of an unnatural shade, and caked makeup. But watching the one girl's tongue working the other's pussy got me so fucking hot. I licked my lips and for the first time ever wanted to have my head between a girl's lips, my tongue rubbing and washing over her clit. Pressing my tongue into a pussy and feeling the juice wash over me and down my chin. My husband fingered me and then fucked me hard during that scene...the entire time I was mumbling on about how much I wanted to taste a pussy. The Mr shot his hot load inside me and I came for him all over his hard, throbbing cock.

So the first orgasm is over with and we get back to watching porn. I can feel the Mr's load squashing around inside me and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and horny all over. We touch and play and feel each other up while we switch from one channel to another. Those cock scenes can get very long and boring sometimes...no offense but I hate watching a girl spit on a guy's schlong, then suck it back up. gross.

The Mr fingers me, eats me, I suck his cock a couple of times...last night was 3 hours worth of just sex with the Mr. It was very nice and it really got me ready to get back into the swing of things (pun intended).

The Mr got to play tonight while I was working, and so maybe I will get to play sometime this week before we go out of town...if I do it ought to be fun!!!

swngcplncosco 38M/34F

8/9/2006 9:16 pm

{Wife here} Yes he did get to play, and thanks so much! He was talking today about us getting together. Might be able to make that bisexual fantasy happen.

LuLuPussycat69 52F

8/22/2006 7:22 pm

One of my favorite things is to be a woman's first. There is something so honest and exciting about being the first woman to lick her beautiful pussy, sucking that wonderful little clit until it gets hard and sticks out. Then, turning the tables, and knowing that she's never tasted a pussy before...could it get any better???

Fluffy, I'd love to seduce you. Slowly, teasing, making you beg for it and then indulging you in what I know you've wanted for so long.

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