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8/26/2006 9:37 am

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Last night we had another MFM...but it was more like sex with 2 guys. LOL Does that make sense? The Mr was not really into having a 3sum, but I wanted to play (still insatiable) and did not want him left out. So I hook up with a sweet guy in the Mountain Zone chat room and freak out that my house is a mess and clean it up as best I can in the 20 min it takes for him to get here (i was so embarrassed!).

We move to the playroom and sit and talk. This is our first 3sum with a different guy from the first 2. We love being with that first guy but he is in another state right now *pout*. So because this is still rather new, we ask him flat-out what he 'usually' does with other couples. He avoids the question...looks like it is different with everyone.

Well, I had a surprise 'visitor' this week and am on the tail-end of kicking it out. So my pussy was offlimits to oral (and he knew this before coming over...I don't hide important details). So I kiss the Mr and the guy takes off my pants and panties. Unsure of what exactly he plans to do down there, I get up and start stroking his cock. My head moves down and my mouth takes his cock. I am sucking him, and he is damn quiet. I could not tell if he was happy or sad. His face LOOKED like he was enjoying himself, but a groan here and there, or a 'yeah baby suck that cock' is always nice. No matter...I moan and enjoy licking his hard shaft and running my tongue along the head of his cock. I put his cock into my throat and run my tongue along the shaft as deep as I can go - milking him with my tongue. I move off and suck his balls briefly then move back to his magnificent cock. He tastes soooo good.

Not to leave the Mr out of the fun, i move over and stroke and suck the Mr's cock. I have the men move to sit next to each other so that I can suck on them alternately. Whichever cock I am not sucking and licking and generally trying to swallow I am stroking. They both taste amazing and are making me so wet. So I look up and ask "who wants to fuck me first?" and the Mr offers my pussy to the new guy.

I move to suck on the Mr's cock only, and the new guy moves behind me. My legs spread apart and my pussy gets very wet preparing for his hard cock to enter. He does not disappoint - his cock slides in and I can feel his hardness inside me, pleasing every neuron. I cry out in pleasure, pressing my hips back into him as he slides in and out. My mouth is wrapped around the Mr's cock, licking and sucking. I stop and just suck for a minute, allowing the rocking motion of the new guy's thrusts to enhance the fellatio I am giving him.

I feel the new guy explode inside me, and my pussy clenches and relaxes as he cumms. I do that to try to prolong the orgasm and help the cum feel better. It works for me...I have no idea how it works for the guy! LOL He is still quiet as a mouse, but his hands clenching my hips into his and his throbbing cock give the orgasm away. I love feeling a hard, thick cock throbbing in my pussy.

The new guy cleans up and I go back to sucking the Mr...then I offer my puss up for the Mr. He takes me hard and good. The Mr's cock always feels so right in mypussy and hits all the right spots. I cum hard with him inside me and my breasts brushing up against the couch. And thinking of the new guy watching....oh my!

After the Mr cumms inside me, I stroke the new guy. He is hard again and I want to taste him again. I lick my tongue up his shaft, tasting the cum that was left over after the condom was removed. He tastes good!!! My tongue washes his fine cock off. I am just licking and sucking and running my tongue along his shaft and all around the tip.

I move back to the Mr, and his cock tastes good covered in cum too. I lap his cum off his cock like it was a popsicle melting. His hands guide my head to just where it feels right. After a while, my jaw hurts. I sit between the guys, and put a shirt on (you may remember from a previous post that I hate being naked and at the time...I was a jaybird). So we sit and talk.

After a while, the guy starts playing with my pussy. Feels good so I moan and move under his touch. He gets more involved and is eventually fingerfucking my pussy like no one else. OMG it was wonderful! The Mr kissed me and fondled my breasts while the guy Fucked me with his fingers. Felt so damn good.

Then he moved on top of me and entered me again. Oh god it felt good. He began pounding my pussy and the Mr went to get some water. For a few moments, the guy and I were alone and it felt very passionate. We kissed while he fucked me and I sucked on his lip for a moment. It was amazing. I came around his hard cock...and when the Mr came back we both drank water (we had leg cramps...this was a good hour and a half into our 3sum). The guy peeled off the condom and I stroked and sucked and licked his hard cock for a good half hour again. The guy ran his fingers in my hair ***the best thing EVER to do with mrs fluffy*** as I sucked him and the Mr ran his hands along my legs, stroked my thighs, and fingered my ass and pussy.

After 2 hours, we were all so tired. I wanted to get the guy off one more time, but we eventually had to call it a night and go to bed. I hope to get with him again sometime for a good 1-on-1 when i have time to get him off more than once!

The Mr and I crawled into bed and passed out till a kid woke us up at 7am. Life doesn't pause just cuz you want to play with other people! *bummer*

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8/26/2006 10:18 pm

Wow, HOW hot was that???

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8/28/2006 2:18 pm

Hmmmm perhaps you guys should get together with the first guy again.. I'm sure he would enjoy that as well.

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