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5/14/2006 1:07 pm

We got a webcam!!! For friends only tho, so don't ask, ok?

I love the webcam. I have used it to blow the Mr kisses at work. I have used it to flash the guys I talk to...and to let them see me for real (no fake pics)...and I have used it to show my pussy being eaten and fucked with a dildo...I am not an exhibitionist though and do not plan to become one.

A few nights ago, when we first got the cam, the Mr was cybering with his cybergirlfriend (he only has one...he needs more). He was taking a while and so I crawled over to him and began to lick and suck his cock. It tasted so mouth was engulfing his shaft and slurping and licking on it and he was moaning cuz it felt so good. Well, they were cam-to-cam cybering and her breasts were exposed. She was so hot...*drool*. Anyway, we got into it and she wanted to see the Mr go down on me. So I got in front of the cam, stripped my bottoms off, and spread my legs wide. The Mr came in and licked....sucked...nuzzled...caressed my slit.

The girl online was getting off on it and so was I. Then a friend hopped on and asked to view the cam...we turned it on and he got quite a show. The Mr nibbled and sucked on my clit and then pulled out a dildo to fuck my pussy. I was so damn happy...I finally begged the Mr to fuck me from behind...and we asked our viewers if they wanted to see that and they WE did!!! It was amazing. They were so complementary that we might do it again.

I have also played with myself on cam while cybering a regular (yes he is married but his wife and my Mr are cyberbuddies also and we all know about each other). That was fun.

It is also fun to have innocent, face-and-breast only cam sessions. I am hooked!

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