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6/11/2006 12:55 am

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6/13/2006 9:27 am


I had to blog. Just had amazing sex with a very hot young man....and not the Mr. The Mr gave his permission...lol...of course.

It was a spontaneous thing...he waffled over whether to come over or not. And finally, at 11pm...he jumped in his car and drove on over. Now, I worked a 14 hour day today and I will have another one starting in a few hours. BUT I could not resist...I have wanted him for a month...since we first cybered...oh my. Well he comes over and we head to the playroom (our finished basement). We sit on the couch...rubbing each other. He moves my hand toward his cock trapped in his heans. I rub....unbutton his pants....reach in and pull out his hard cock. I start stroking him gently. We kiss briefly and I lean over to suck his hard cock into my mouth. He tastes so good.... He is making noises like he is enjoying himself...telling me i am so good...oh it makes me want to suck him more. My tongue massages his cock...milking him. My mouth sucks...my tongue stroking up and down his cock. My teeth graze his cock a bit...i suck off and gently run my teeth on his cockhead. My mouth takes his cock back into it. I suck on him for a few more minutes and he pulls me up to kiss my lips...telling me how good i feel to him (i swear i am not just bolstering my ego...he did it for me). We kiss and he asks me to suck his balls...oh yes...of course...but he changes his mind and goes for my pussy...*wet*

Oh my this young man ate my pussy like it was his last meal. A few minutes into it, he came up and put his hard cock into my pussy and pounded it...then went back to eat my pussy. Oh he was so hot. And it helped that he kept telling me how good i tasted and how good my pussy felt on his cock. I looked into his eyes and saw his lust. His cock felt so damn good in my pussy. I love cock...

He gets off and lies on the couch...i lean over and start licking his cock again. It was so hard...so big...oh my. I tasted good on him. I suck his balls....he was making so much noise I thought he was going to cum right then...so i suck his cock a bit more and come up to kiss his mouth. I lower my wet pussy on top of his cock...eating the inches into me. We rock together...his hips thrusting into me and me bouncing on his cock. He massages my breasts and we look into each others' eyes. He is getting close. So am i. we pull apart...he puts on a condom...i push back onto his hard...wet cock. We thrust into each other and he starts to cum...my pussy tightenes...feeling him cum inside me. It sends me over the edge. He moans loudly with each spurt of his cock into the condom into my pussy. My breath catches as I cum...((i am a silent cummer for those who have yet to experience me *giggle* )) My pussy tightenes and squeezes his still throbbing cock...he is exclaiming with each spasm...oh my it was hot...

We sit there a while...both of us smiling. I get up...clean us up...all he can do is lay there with a cheesy grin on his face... We talk for a while about stuff...he gets up to go home. I was sad...wanted him to meet the Mr. BUT I have to go to work in a few short hours...for a lot of hours...and i need my sleep.

*sigh* i would do him again. Still love the Mr's sex better...but different is good. Very very good. After he had complimented enough of my skills (lol) I told him I had the best teacher in the world. Cuz I have only had one...*giggle* the Mr kicks ass. And he needs to get laid...hope he had fun at the sex party tonight...

lightningbaby3 46M/30F

6/11/2006 12:26 pm

wow,that sounded hot.but im curious did have you unprotected sex,before he put on the condom?please be careful,fluff.my friend just found out she has H.P.V. FROM UNPROTECTED SEX.

fluffychic78 38M/37F

6/12/2006 1:47 pm

Baby - yeah i actually forgot to have him put one on ((first time since i started having sex 9 yrs ago, just got off a 14 hour shift of working my ass off, and having only had 5 hours of sleep the night before is not the best equation for remembering things)). And I know - will never happen again.

And you can get HPV from many many things, baby. Unprotected sex is just one way. I will be careful. Making undies that say "are you wearing a condom?" LOL

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6/12/2006 2:49 pm

Girl my hats off to you, and everything else ). Keep on living!!!!

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