tight country  

floxylady 39F
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7/29/2006 10:18 am
tight country

Hello everybody,

only a few days left before I go to England. These have been hectic days, lots of preparation involved for this trip and, as if it wasn't enough, I get dozens of call everyday from the anxious parents of the students I'm going to take to Southampton...damn! why parents have to be so bloody anxious? Well at least I hope they won't miss their chance to have some good sex while their teenage kids are away from home

I'm glad I'm going to england anyway, I need a change of air. This country is definitely too tight for me, i just don't fit in and I get pissed off evn just reading the newspaper.

The other day i read this shocking article about 2 homosexual men who were sacked because of their sexual orientation! And look, this didn't happen in some small town but in ROME!!! I can't tell you how pissed off I got reading that article! What's more I found it really "ironic" that, in exactly the same page there was another article about the annual meeting of transvestites and ppl who swap partners held in las Vegas! With lots of workshops and all sorts of interesting sex-talks!
There is just no way in between in this world!

Well, just can't go on living in this Italietta with such a restricted mentality and politics domined by a catholic church that only grabs our tax money!

Lucky you guys who are reading this from England, Germany, France, USA, Canada...I envy you!

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