floxylady 39F
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7/20/2006 6:44 am

Welcome to my blog!
I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and fantasies but I'd also like this to be a space where we can share our opinions, intimate experiences and enjoy being hot passionate people together

I think there is something very sexy about summer, as soon as summer comes I'm at my horniest. Well I can't really help it, in days like this with 38 degrees outside the only way to survive is staying home with a fan gently blowing air on your skin. Clothes are unbearable but I still have to wear something (don't live alone and there's always the occasional annoying postman/caretaker etc. ringing my bell any time of the day). A sleeveless top and a nice, fresh linen skirt always do the trick but underwear...no! Too hot for underwear! Bras are always uncomfortable things (probably invented by some guy who was very unlucky with women so he decided to torture them for the rest of their lives) but in summer they are even worse! Well in these temperatures having small breats like mine is quite a lucky thing as, even if u don't wear the horrible instrument of torture , it doesn't make much difference. Knickers just make my bum sweat so...no tnx. The "problem", if you can call it so, is that I feel even hornier because I'm always aware of my naked body under my clothes and get really wet...

So I log on AdultFriendFinder and I see the pics of my "friends". Guys you are all gorgeous!

dolcesogno73 43M

8/23/2006 12:21 pm

Eccomi qui ma parlo solo italiano

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