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4/4/2006 6:27 pm

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It's 9pm and I lay here restless with thoughts of you... of you calling me 'old woman' for not being able to hang late (smile)... thoughts of you... so I close my eyes and there you are...

So fine! I touch your face, following the lines of your tailored hairline as you move close to me and place your soft, damp lips on mine. Your eyes say everything your voice isn't and instinctively I move my hands from your face to the nape of your neck, then work my fingers in your hair. You reciprocate the touch; your hands exploring my back... my ass. All as we move in through this salivic passion of the tongue.

Suddenly, we're laying down, our clothes off and our skin touching as our tongues are still intertwined. I'm laying on my back with my left knee up and you are at my right, on your side, with your left hand embracing me and your right hand exploring my breasts, belly button and hot spot. I guide your hand with mine, to every place on me that feels neglected by your sweet touch.

Then you use your hand to gently part my legs. You softly remove your lips from mine, kissing then gently and moving that trail of gentle kisses from my lips to my chin... to my chest and my tummy, following the 'l' shaped garden to the warmed hot spot of love. As your lips meet my lower lips, I quiver with excitement, arching my back to the sensation of your soft, warm, wet tongue finding my soft, hot, dripping pussy. As your mouth engulfs my kitty, I purrrrrr, holding your head and softly gearing your stride with hands wildly massaging your scalp and my hips gyrating, dancing with your tongue.

This dance bringing me to a yearning that only my 'special friend' can quench. So I pull your head gently north and you look up, your eyes delighting in my desire. You move slowly up to my face, positioning my friend to where I can guide him in, but you stop his entrance and give me such a passionate kiss, letting me taste the goodness of me. As I enjoy tasting myself you let me know it was much better for you and how much you love my pussy. As you let me know, you dive into that hot spot, drowning in its heat and wetness.

Our bodies connect and journey to that 'other' level, meeting each stroke, each gear with passion and desire for more. More of each other. Wanting to be in each other. We climb higher and higher until we find ourselves atop the mountain and as we reach the top, I can feel you grow so hard in me, swelling deep in me. I feel every inch of you and it makes my well spring. I get hot all over until we reach that peak together, dizzying like a whirlwind of love. As we come together we hold each other so tight, it's as if our bodies are one.

We lay there, hand in hand, eyes peered upon each other and again you kiss me... softly gently. Your kiss still telling me you want me... and mine telling you that I'm ready now for more. As I kiss you, I move in position to take what's mine. I straddle you and move back down to kiss you... all over... your lips, you neck, your nipples and chest, your waste... and my special friend.

I greet him with a soft, appreciative kiss and then let him venture into my mouth, gently stroking his head with my tongue and his neck with my hand. I pull gently on him, as I wet him with my juices, in a downward motion. I ravish him with delight and excitement, ensuring that he's nice and ready to visit my spot that is increasingly becoming wet as I enjoy playing with my special friend.

He's ready and my pussy is dripping wet with excitement. I make my last pull and let him out of my mouth and with a stride, I put him back into a safe haven... and he slides right back into his home... my hot spot... as I ride him gently and slowly, taking my time to enjoy every inch of him. I move all the way up until I'm almost out and then slowly make my way back down... long and careful strides... until it feels so good to me and I can't help but take advantage of this stiff cock in me.

So I ride him hard and harder and harder until I put my sweet cream all over this delicious cock and cause a chain reaction of the same. You call my name as your volcano is about to erupt and I quickly move off so that I can catch your lava in my mouth. I feel the eruption in the roof of my mouth and I suck it all out, causing you to groan and moan and pull my hair as your delight in the exhaust of that power.

I lick my lips and hands as I finish the remains of your sweet cum. I move back up to you as you pull me by the arm into your embrace and we lay there. Two naked bodies, exhausted by extraordinary sex. And I ask, "Who's the old person?".

MONA_14 29F

4/5/2006 3:13 pm

you are invited to be our Friends

endowed4uandu 53M
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4/11/2006 1:02 pm

You are gifted with many talents. Your story is very erotic I am rock hard after reading it for the second time. Your obviously an awesome lover and have a mind to match. Sounds like whom ever the lucky man is, he is lucky indeed. Hope to hear more in the near future because once is never enough.

SirMounts 102M

4/25/2006 12:12 am

My, you write with great skill, descriptiveness, and passion... and a touch of the playful, too.
A warm welcome to blogging, flowithme2u. *smiling*

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