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Erotic story to enjoy?

Well, things I've written so far seem to be getting a good response, so why stop now?


"All for sport"

I've always been a big sports fan. If it involves a bat, a ball, some sort of scoring and winning (or something vaguely along the lines of any of those), I'm interested, whether it's taking part of just cheering on the underdog.

A little while ago I was over in the States and having heard so much about their Collegiate and University sports teams I was eager see what all the fuss was about. Little did I know I'd have much more to enjoy than some sport that day...

Having asked around locally, I was pretty disappointed to hear that it was close season for the local 'football' team. (American's calling it football when they use their hands is for another day). However, after much disappointment I found out a local baseball team was having a game at the nearby park so with a "something's better than nothing" attitude I went along to check it out.

It seemed I'd arrived early, as the teams had only just got their themselves and the bleachers (or bleacher) was totally empty. I picked by way up the tiers of wooden steps and picked myself a spot pretty much plum in the middle of the stand - as the teams took to the diamond and started tossing the ball around. It all looked pretty amateur but things were about to get interesting...

Two more spectators were about to treble the size of the crowd. They seemed to know at least one of the players of the 'home' team, but it wasn't their social skills that caught my eye.

They were both mid-thirties, he was of average build, quite dark but she... wow. If she was a road she'd have been closed for dangerous driving conditions. "Curvy" doesn't even come close. A pair of large tits were barely
contained in a tight white t-shirt and they looked ripe for plucking (and fucking). They sat up on her rib-cage like a pair of over juicy melons. And the curves didn't stop there...

As she sashayed over towards the bleacher, she turned to heckle one of the players playfully, wiggling the most delicious backside I had ever laid eyes on as she did so. My teeth involunatirly clenched together as my mind raced
with the ideas of biting, licking and nibbling that sweet ass. I quickly tried to switch my mind away from horny thoughts as they both skipped up the rows towards me, both smiling
warmly in a friendly manner.

I was unable to take my eyes of that delicious butt as it sank down to the seat just in front of me. The guy who I assumed to be her husband settled down next to her, slipping an arm
around her waist and playfully patting her ass. "Lucky guy" I thought, and tried in vain to to tear my mind and eyes from that ass.

Just as I was convincing myself she was wiggling her ass at me and not just fidgeting on the hard wooden bench, a loud CRACK of bat on ball made me look up. Two runners were already on base and a third batter had just thudded a ball into deep
centre field. The couple in front of me both leapt up, the guy ran down a few rows whooping and cheering as the woman bounced up and down deliciously just inches in front of me, her ass vibrating hypnotically each time she jumped.
I almost had to sit on my hands to stop from reaching for the tight little shorts she was barely in - and as this thought raced through my mind, she turned and caught me eyeing her
ass... and winked.

My throat ran dry. Did that just happen? Shit, her boyfriend was coming back, she was leaning to whisper in his ear. Uh-oh... as I readied for fight or flight, he turned and said:

"Great hit huh!?" my throat still dry, I smiled
and nodded dumbly.

That peachy ass curved outwards into a delectable upturned heart shape again as they both sat down - but it was only momentary
as he raced for the rail around the field again as a batter raced to steal a base.

She rose again clapping and laughing, stopping to curl a finger under her shorts again, hitching them sharply upwards and to one side, flashing me enough of her ass to make it clear she wasn't wearing any underwear. If my throat was dry... it was now doing its Sahara desert impression. She turned and winked again, as her boyfriend/husband jumped back up to his seat, slapping a jokey high-five with her and then flashing his hand towards me... I almost flinched before realisation dawned and I offered my hand, which he joyously slapped.


They exchanged more whispers and he kissed her neck as I tried (failing again) not to watch. By this time I was PRAYING for the home team to hit a homer and with the road team's pitcher seemingly the worst in the world I didn't have
to wait long.

With the bases loaded this huge fat guy rolled up to the plate and blatted the ball waaaaay over the fence. Husb-oyfriend leapt off down the bleachers and I awaited the show...

She started clapping and slowly stood, stopping her hands as she did so. She must have slipped the button on her shorts as they seemed looser, as she hitched them up again over her exquisite ass and there it was... her hot, puckered
little ass-hole, nestling above a trimmed, dark snatch.

My view increased and my eyes widened as she tipped forwards slightly and then... one of her fingers crooked and beckoned towards me.

I was hypnotised. I moved forwards in my seat as if on a string hooked around that beckoning finger. My hands drifted as if of their own accord up... up to her ass and then I was
holding it. Holding that hot, tight wonderful ass. I squeezed it happily, unable to believe my luck. Somewhere in my conciousness I could hear her other half whooping it up with the batters
as they all jogged home - but my mind was all on her... even more so as that finger hooked under my chin, drawing me in, pulling me into that ass.

I couldn't help myself... I wanted that ass so bad. I gently eased her cheeks apart and I could feel the rumble in her bones as the moaned slightly, expectantly... and then I snaked my tongue out, teasing it around the ring of
her tight little hole.

She wasn't in the mood for hanging around. She bent more at the hips, thrusting herself back at me and I speared my tongue and drove it into her backside. She reached back and clamped both hands onto the side of my head, tipping
her hips forward again and using my ears like handles as she dragged me into her ass.

I pulled her cheeks apart further, her shorts going taught around the tops of her thighs as I drilled my tongue into her, darting it out to flick around the sensitive ring, before burrowing back into her wonderous arse.

I eased a hand around, anxious to feel her excitement... I wasn't disappointed. Already her pussy was pulsing and so, so wonderfully, excitingly wet. I felt I was going to cream
myself just from tonguing her - and she certainly seemed to be enjoying it.

I curled my thumb, dragging it clumsily across her puffy pussy lips and her knees almost buckled. Instinctively, I arched my thumb again, nudging it into her moist pussy, easing it out again, upwards, bumping it against her clit.

She swayed on her knees again, grabbing for my ears but getting a fistful of hair as she burried my face in her ass. I HAD to taste that pussy. I hauled my face (almost unwillingly)
from that ass, sliding my tongue around to that wet cunt, tasting the sweet, sweet juices... my nose still almost pressed into her ass.

Suddenly my chin was flicked upwards and I almost fell back off my seat, as she pulled her shorts up again, sitting down abruptly as her husband sat down beside her.

I anxiously wiped at the cunt juice on my face with my sleeve as he turned to me.

"Game's over buddy."

I stared, unblinking.

"We won!" he smiled... and I breathed again.

They stood, she smiled at me making my cock ache.

"So..." he continued "You want to come
back to our place and help finish what you started?"

(Princess Lips)

12/6/2005 11:27 am

*hums take me out to the ballgame*


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