Badder still? - Part 2 of a story...  

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11/29/2005 6:19 am

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Badder still? - Part 2 of a story...

Well - after an encouraging response to my return to blog-land, I feel inspired to add another entry, and include a second story from my adventures.

Hope you like it blog-landers:

So... after getting weeks of mileage, several beers and many slaps on the back out of my story of my first encounter with Sharon, it's safe to say she was on my mind rather a lot - and... as a teenager, sprayed on my bed sheets on more
than one occassion too.

It certainly didn't help matters that I knew her relationship with her husband was deteriorating further - with him spending more time away from home than he did there.

Still, thinking selfishly, their problems were keeping me in beer at that time, with lots of baby-sitting duties for their two kids whilst Sharon was visiting lawyers etc. And it was no surprise when I got a message via my mother that
they wanted me to babysit again on Friday - it was a surprise to hear why though.

"Sharon's going to dinner with Tony."
my Mum told me. "Perhaps they're trying to patch
things up?"

"Or perhaps they're debating who gets to keep
the car." I countered defensively, seeing my chances of a repeat of our hot sun-lounger session slipping away.

"Either way - 7pm on Friday, you'll do it won't
you... good lad." my Mum replied, not giving me a chance to decline, as she dialed the number of our next door neighbour (lazy mare).

Friday came around quickly and just before 7pm, I was knocking on the door to number 19 - pretending not to hear the raised voices coming from inside and having to hide a small grin
and a not so small stirring in my jeans.

Sharon answered the door and the stirring became a whilrwind... she looked awesome - wearing a black evening gown, slit up the side to thigh level, showing enough of her chest to bring instant recall of those dark, tasty looking nipples... and what a view I was getting as she held the door open with one hand, trying to slot a black heeled shoe onto the other foot, giving me a view down that plunging neckline of two
ripe tits as well as a creamy sculptured thigh sliding out from the long slit in the dress - which had benefitted from the sun-lounger session, in the 'conventional' sense.

"Hi" she grinned, sashaying away from the door,
leaving it open behind her as her foot slid in to the other shoe.

"Come on Tony - the babysitter's here... let's
go!" she called up the stairs a little too aggressively, a barb of the recent argument in her voice.

"I've left the card of the restaurant on the side table" she said, turning to me and pointing "the number's on there in case of emergencies. We shouldn't be too late, say, 10pm? Is that ok?"

"Sure" I smiled, desperately wanting to squeeze
that firm arse... as she wafted past me in a breeze of light perfume and smiles.

Tony galloped down the stairs, his face like thunder easing as he forced a smile at me, winking, squeezing my shoulder with a "Cheers fella" as he leapt out the door after his wife... having no idea I'd squirted cum over
her just weeks ago and would gladly give my left testicle to do so again.

Their barking arguments were drowned out by the car starting and they were gone. I ambled upstairs, checking on the sleeping kids, before helping myself to the fridge and settling
down in front of their cable TV.

Just an hour of "World's Wackiest Police Chases
19" later - and just as I was looking forward to the evening's installment of "Nurse Betty Gets
Sweaty" I heard the front door slam shut and a patter of feet on the stairs. I hung my head around the door just in time to see Sharon running up the stairs to her bedroom.
Pausing, expecting Tony to burst through the front door any moment I called out:


With no response, I didn't need much more invitation to head for the bedroom, my already swelling cock leading me like magnet.

"Sharon?" I called again, pushing the ajar
bedroom door open and seeing no-one. I glanced around quickly, my eyes settling on the crack in the door of the en-suite bathroom door and the wisps of steam seeping through, accompanied
by the cascade of water of the shower running.

"Sorry, as expected the dickhead ruined the night in double quick time." came her voice, slightly wavering, through the gap. "Your money's on the side - help yourself. Thanks for watching the kids."

Now, at this point, any sensitive, caring friend and neighbour would have either taken the money and left, or, offered a shoulder to cry on. Being only one of those three, and that
only care of my address, my mind was elsewhere.

Padding closer to the door, peering at the gap, watching the reflection in the mirror above the sink as a white robe dropped to the floor - the reflection going beige in the misty mirror -
as my cock made the angle in my jeans oblique by another few degrees.

Suddenly the mirror was wiped clean and Sharon's eyes were looking at mine via the reflection:

"I said, the money's on the side" she hissed,
raising her eyebrows... and hesitating, for what seemed like hours. I couldn't help myself, my eyes slid from her face, dropping down the reflection to those ripe, freckly tits hanging before her, a trickle of water on the mirror
tracing the line my tongue ached to take...

"But you're not after the money, are you? You
horny little boy." she grinned and threw the door open, grabbing a fistful of my t-shirt and jerking me into the bathroom. "You want more of this, don't you?" she said, sliding a hand down her belly to her dark, trimmed bush "And these" she said, cupping her tits and proferring them up to me. I stood there, mesmerised, my cock now making a tent of my jeans, my jaw hanging open,
moving up and down as if to speak, but utterly soundless.

Cradling her tits with one arm, her other hand snapped behind my head, pulling my face forwards, burying it in her moist, steamy tits - drawing a groan of pleasure from me, as I ground
my hungry face into those tits, reaching instinctively upwards to cup them myself, squeezing them, milking them, my hands sliding towards the cones of her nipples, hardening
them, drawing gasps from her as my cool tongue snaked out to the hot flesh of her chest.

With her hands now free, she moved backwards, leading me like a hungry dog with those soft creamy tits, as she leant back against the sink. I was happily gobbling on those tits and probably would have done for hours, as her hands slid down, finding my belt buckle and deftly flicking my button fly open. My hot, throbbing cock felt itself in her firm grip in no time, with her coo'ing at my efforts on her tits, whilst stroking my erect cock between her supple
fingers... licking her lips.

Hungry for her pussy, I made a fumbling grab at her thighs, trying to lift her on to the sink, anxious to slide my cock into that warm wetness... but grinning wantonly, a twinkle
in her eyes she said:

"Ah, ah ahhhh! You OWE me, remember?" pressing
gently on my shoulders, as she tipped on to the balls on her feet, sliding her ass on to the sink. Knowing what was expected of me, I dropped to my knees and draping her legs over my shoulders, I plunged my face forwards, driving my nose into her clit as I slid my tongue between her glistening pussy lips. Sharon
leapt backwards as if electrocuted, gasping: "Woah there! Easy tiger, don't rush it... I want to enjoy this." stroking my hair gently, before steering me back towards her eager pussy, but being careful to grip
tightly to my short hair, pulling me up short every time I got over-eager.

Soon I was licking up a storm, dragging my tongue from the bottom of her puffy lips, up over them, before arrowing at her swelling bud... probing at her clit with the tip of
my tongue, my greedy hands joining my tongue as I eased her lips apart, licking at her furiously. Guess I must have had a knack for it, even at that age, as her thighs were soon
clamped around my ears as she gripped the taps, bucking her hips at my face, grinding her pussy onto my hungry mouth coming to a shuddering orgasm.

"There... now we're even." she gasped,
almost chuckling with delight at the flash of disappointment that flashed across my mind, thinking it was over. "Ha! Don't worry sweet-heart, I'm not done with you yet." she grinning, taking me by the root of my cock. She bent over the sink, steering my springy, iron-like cock at her dripping pussy.

I didn't need any further encouragement, and spurred on by the scent of cunt still in my nostrils I leapt into her, driving my cock as far into her as it would go, in one jamming
thrust... drawing yelps of appreciation from Sharon.

"Oh, you dirty little fucker!" she chastised...
grinning back at me over her shoulder "Come on then, you young buck - don't hold back, give me a good, HARD fucking!"

Still unable to believe my luck and thinking I was IN one of the films I'd been looking forward to watching, I took a firm grip on those perky butt cheeks pointing my way, stirring my cock deep inside her... before drawing it out, almost to the tip... having to push back against her arse as Sharon tried to lean back onto my length... before DRIVING my cock back into her, only to jerk it out again... just to slam it back into her.

Soon those lovely ripe cheeks were rippling with my assault as I battered by cock into her, giving her the hard shafting of my dreams, just as she'd asked for, drawing grunts and moans from the pair of us as we added to the steam in the bathroom.

It wasn't long before my balls were boiling, not helped by Sharon reaching back through her legs, ticking my nuts with her long fingernails and my groaning quickened with the pace of the fucking I was giving her.

Between gasps Sharon turned again hissing "Not in my pussy... don't cum in me..." pressing a hand against my taut stomach. Reluctantly, I started to draw back, hauling my thick cock from her. Getting into my cable porn-star role, as my cock popped free of her, I tipped my hips, jabbing my fat cock-head at her puckered arse...

"Ow! Shit! You dirty bastard!" Sharon squealed... turning to look back at me again... before that sluttish grin weaved across her face again as she too tipped her hips, wiggling that delicious arse at me, beckoning me, almost
like a curled finger with it...

"Slowly... slowly, ooooohnnnngghhh" she
groaned, as I pressed my engorged bellend against the entrance to her tightest hole... feeling the sudden give of her ring as I popped inside. She was SO tight, and I was SO close to
the edge, I only got around halfway up my length into her... before I emitted a low, rumbling moan... my hips quivering as the tip of my cock exploded into her, gushing jets of hot seed into her arse. Loading up her tighest passage, so it
squeezeed out along my own length...

"Fuck, fuck" I shuddered... before collasping
backwards onto my haunches on the floor, my cockhead still oozing jizz as I sat back on the floor, my mind racing.

Sharon turned, smirking at me wantonly:

"Tony's still got a key y'know... he said
he was staying at the flat, but, you never know..." and chuckling loudly to herself as I scrambled back into my clothes, bolting for the door... stopping only to collect the crumpled notes on the dresser.

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11/30/2005 7:01 am

Thanks silhouette2005.

You don't look old from your pic, but if you're sending out application forms for that sex toy job, do let me know.

flithymind 38M
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12/1/2005 4:15 am

35? Pffft... not "old"... but old enough to fulfill my older-woman fantasy.

(Princess Lips)

12/6/2005 11:33 am

*needs a boy toy now* mmmmmm


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